Rocket Appartamento

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The Rocket Espresso Appartamento is a heat exchanger machine with a small footprint. The main features cosmetically that stand out are the circular side panel pattern inserts that comes in white or copper. It also has nice wide feet. The steam and hot water taps are designed like the R58 taps with a similar cool-touch wand like the Giotto. This entry level HX is a has a square look unlike any other Rocket, and is packed with great features. It will undoubtedly become a sought after machine among those who are space and budget sensitive.


  • A E61 4.05kg Brass Group head design with a thermosyphon system to regulate brewing water temperature

  • Heat Exchange technology for simultaneous coffee making and milk steaming

  • A 1.8L copper boiler and 1200W for a high level of steam pressure and short recovery time

  • Mater Pressure Stat

  • Vibration Pump

  • 2.9L Water Tank

  • Sensor shuts off machine when low water volume

  • A body in stainless steel AISI 304 polish

  • 3.5 inch Cup Clearance

  • Cool touch steam & hot water handles

  • Dimensions: D: 400mm, H: 350mm (inc cup surround). W: 270mm

  • 20KG Net Weight

  • Accessories: Single / Double handles, Single / Double filter baskets, Blind Filter, Plastic Measuring Spoon, Aluminium Tamper, Group head brush 

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The Rocket Appartamento normally comes with either Copper or White side panels. We are working closely with the Rocket importer to bring you new and EXCITING colour options. You can now choose between:

  • Copper
  • White
  • Hot lips Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Charcoal Black

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*Please note actual color may vary from the digital image displayed here. Contact us to inquire more.



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