Quick Mill Vetrano Double Boiler LED

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The Quick Mill Vetrano Double Boiler LED is a powerhouse twin boiler espresso machine capable of making the perfect espresso without compromise. Featuring a PID for consistent temperature control, a rotary pump for quiet operation & consistent pressure (as well as the ability to be plumbed in to mains water), this beauty is perfect for the office or at home.


  • PID temperature control with independent adjustment for coffee and steam.
  • Stand-By Mode
  • Coffee boiler 0,75 lts / Steam boiler 1,400 lts.
  • Coffee heater 800 Watts 
  • Steam heater 1400 Watts
  • New Double scale gauge
  • Rotary pump with external right side adjustment
  • Anti-burn steam wand
  • Anti-burn hot water wand
  • Switch to turn off brew boiler
  • Hatch for filling water tank
  • Foreseen for the water drain in the drip tray
  • Ergonomic knobs exclusive Quick Mill
  • Foreseen to be connected to the direct water connection
  • 3 lts. Water tank With Alarm Sound
  • Switch for the use with water tank or direct water connection
  • Adjustable feet In Stainless steel
  • Certified Safety valve