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Subminimal NanoFoamer

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The Subminimal NanoFoamer is a milk frothing device that enables you to make cafe quality microfoam milk at home, in the office or travelling.

Ever notice that cheap milk “froathers” only ever seem to add a whole lot of dry, stiff foam with big bubbles that doesn’t mix in with your coffee? The difference is in the technique used to generate the foam. Microfoam is frothed milk with bubbles so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye and give it that shimmering, liquid velvety finish that blends in with the coffee crema and can be used to make latte art. The NanoFoamer enables you to create microfoam with pre-heated milk in a milk jug.

The NanoFoamer has three different screen sizes for different microfoam types: ordinary, fine and superfine. The NanoFoamer churns your pre-heated milk (65°C or close to it is ideal) for about 15 seconds. Starting in the middle to incorporate the air into the milk, move to the side to create the microfoam. Then pour your beautiful velvety microfoam over espresso and enjoy your cafe-esque latte or cappuccino as you intend it wherever you are.

The NanoFoamer contains the following:

  • NanoFoamer wand
  • Sheathe
  • 3x screens

*The NanoFoamer requires AA batteries (sold separately)

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