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Mexico Chiapas Rosalba Sifuentes – Roasted Coffee Bean

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Mexico Chiapas Cafe de Mujeres Rosalba Sifuentes SHG

Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia, founder of Mayan Harvest Coffee, works with producers who are family and neighbors in the town of Bella Vista in order to improve their harvesting and processing practices and in return get more competitive prices for their coffee. Rosalba works tirelessly to provide a livelihood to its members by providing them with medical and dental assistance. Her organization has grown to be around 100
producers, about 60 of which are women. She has intentionally divided her production into three coffee groups. Women’s Coffee or “Cafe de Mujeres” is a group of women farmers that reside in the municipality of Bella Vista. This sector is in the regions of La Rinconada, El Progreso, Union Progreso and Barrio Montana communities. Rosalba expressed that in the area, there is a lot of “machismo”, male chauvinism, and sadly this results in women being isolated. With this project in mind, she hopes to improve the image of the women producers by promoting their work.

Di Bartoli recommends doing this coffee justice by brewing either as a pourover filter (using 15g water at 92 degrees for every 1g medium ground coffee) or espresso (18-20g dry coffee in, approx 40-45mL espresso out at 92-94 degrees). While we advise that this coffee is best appreciated without milk or sugar as these additives mask some of the more subtle flavours, this coffee works alright with milk and if that's how you drink your coffee.

 About the Coffee

  • Country:  Mexico
  • Region:    Chiapas
  • Producer: Rosalba Cifuentes
  • Altitude:  1,550 masl
  • Process:  Washed
  • Varietal:   Bourbon & Typica

Tasting notes: Orange Blossom, FLoral, Chocolate Sweetness, Citric Acidity

Roasted medium for espresso

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