Colombian Anaerobic Fermentation Roasted Coffee Bean

Colombian Microlot Enciso Gaisha Castillo Anaerobic Fermentation Roasted Coffee Bean

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Colombian Microlot Enciso Gaisha Castillo Anaerobic Fermentation

Indulge in this incrediblly rich and unique Colombian Microlot produced by Emmanuel Enciso utilising the Anaerobic Fermentation processing method. A Caturra-Castillo hybrid varietal, there are no words that can give justice to the symphony of aroma and flavour one gets when they first encounter this fresh roasted coffee bean (though we tried our best below). If you’re unfamiliar with anaerobic fermentation, it’s a special coffee processing method wherein harvested coffee beans are fermented in pressurised tanks that are starved of oxygen. This lack of oxygen produces distinct acids that impart a distinct flavour profile that is unique to this processing method and which other more traditional processing methods could not replicate.

Di Bartoli recommends doing this coffee justice by brewing either as a pourover filter (using 15g water at 93 degrees for every 1g medium ground coffee) or espresso (18-20g dry coffee in, approx 40mL espresso out at 92-94 degrees). Di Bartoli does not recommend this coffee as the base for a milky coffee drink.

 About the Coffee

  • Country:  Colombia
  • Region:    Tolima, Gaitania
  • Producer: Emmanuel Enciso 
  • Altitude:  1,900 masl
  • Process:  Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Varietal:   Caturra-Castillo

Tasting notes: Intense Upfront Floral Aroma, Red Wine, Clove, Honey Sweetness, Smooth Round Body

Roasted medium for filter and espresso.

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