Private One on one Training

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More and more Australians are developing a passion for good coffee and the art of making espresso in their homes. To produce café-quality espresso at home, you need to know something about your machine, grinding, brewing techniques and milk texturing.

This format is ideal for:

  • Those who have received a machine as a gift and are not quite sure how to operate it;
  • People who have bought a machine without training and wish to get the best results out of it;
  • Anyone in the market for a new machine, but not sure which one is right for them;
  • People who love coffee and want to understand what separates an excellent coffee from a good one.

We provide demo units, but you can bring your own machine and grinder if it is a make that is not in our range.


Tuesday - Thursday 9am-5pm

No training on the weekend

Price $85.00 per person per hour. Second active person pays 50% of that fee. Each students will be assigned exclusive machine and grinder to operate during the training. For more than 2 people, see our Customized Group Training.