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Premier Tazze Cups - Specialty Range Set of 6

$30.00 - $50.00
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The Premier Tazze Cups are made of a thick Italian Style Vitrified Porcelain. This range of specialty cups are very much sought after in serious Cafes around Australia. With a lovely finish timeless colours, they compliment beautifully with your great coffee. 


Available Sizes:

  • Espresso (80mL)

  • Long Black/Flat White (160mL)

  • Cappuccino (240mL)


Available Colors:

  • Black

  • Grey


Cup Features:

  • Designed to suit coffee roasters, cafes and baristas

  • Porcelain graded at high temperature and to maintain colour quality

  • Thick and hard glazed to perserve coffee aroma and flavour

  • Strong durability to withstand scratching, wear and tear