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Founder's Story



Dear Coffee Lover,

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce myself to you today and congratulate you for taking the first step on your journey to become a Home Barista.

My name is Ofra Ronen, I am the owner and the Managing Director of Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre and I have a dream.

My dream is to live to a day when every coffee lover in Australia is empowered to make their own divine coffee at home, free from the mercy of their local Barista.

Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre is not only my business, it is my passion and my blood line. It is a way fulfilling this dream. If any labels are required, I would prefer those of the Coffee Judge, the Coffee Educator and the Innovative Entrepreneur to describe me, rather than that of the Sales Person, the Marketing Manger or the Retailer. This is because each and every member of my team and I are BIGGER than the sum of the products we sell and the services we provide. But more importantly, we are really only as good as the customers we serve, and they are second to none!

The amazing Home Barista community created around us doesn't buy WHAT we offer but WHY we offer it. You see, years from now, we may not be remembered for the products we offered, but we will be rememberd for how we made people feel when we helped them realizing they CAN learn, develop, grow and achieve extraordinary results with coffee at home.

And this is my story.

Back in 2006, when the Home Barista Culture was just a vague concept in Australia, my partner and I saw the need of many people like yourself, to engage with experts who know a thing or two about quality coffee, able to advise them of the equipment that is the right for them, offer a variety of high quality freshly roasted coffee beans that meet various palates, give them the right advice on how to clean their machine, teach them the basics in coffee making with their own gear and take care of all related technical services for the life of the equipment.

A one stop shop for all things quality coffee, a Coffee Mecca where you learn what is needed to move you forward in your journey. There was a need for that someone who has done all the mistakes before, learned the lesson, is passionate about coffee and people, and now offers valuable knowledge that saves you years of frustration, getting that desirable, Cafe style elixir pouring out of your own coffee machine in your own kitchen. 

Myself with a background in Hospitality, Customer Service and Training, and my partner with 6 years experience in Quality Espresso Equipment Sale, Service and training, have been running from 2003-- 2006 an importation business of Bezzera commercial and domestic coffee machines. In 2006, when that need was too spread out to ignore, we have joined our skills to create a Home Barista Centre, a business that has not been done before in Australia.

This is how the concept was born. And THIS is why we are in business: to empower you taking control over the creation of divine coffee at home so you can have the best of the best while still in your PJ, pampering your loved one with a cup to die for in bed or just lazing out in the balcony on a Sunday afternoon with friends and family enjoying an elevated sensory experience to what the average push bottom machine can ever offer.

I would love to tell you in has been a smooth sailing all along, but back then, many people called us crazy, some were amused and others didn't seem to understand the concept at all. These have been lonely days. 


As the passionate, geeky and stubborn bunch we are, we have persisted, and have proudly developed throughout the years a unique, innovative and successful formula that blends Prosumer Equipment expertise, Technical Know-how, Specialty Coffee engineering, tailored training for the home barista on all levels, and most importantly, our own unique Q.U.E.S.T process that takes you through the different stages and exposes you to all the knowledge you REALLY need to know in order to decide which Prosumer equipment is the right fit for you.


You see, I am in business because of my vision not because I wanted to make money. I am here to expose, share, teach, advise, support in any way, ANYONE who really loves coffee and wants to produce an equal if not superior coffee quality to what the best Barista they know does, at home.

To achieve that, we I needed not only the skills and the systems, but also the passion and the care about you as an individual, what makes you tick, what are you aiming to achieve at home, what is your home environment like and what are the parameters we should look at when coming to make a professional recommendation on ANYTHING you would need while travelling in coffee, as there is NO one solution fits all and only one YOU. 

It is our mission to get to know you better so we can customise this vast coffee knowledge to you in a way it's clear, saving time and frustration and easy to follow, setting you up for successful outcome in a matter of days, for what once took months and years to master.

Change is happening in Australia.

Nowadays we see home enthusiasts no longer spending money on middle of the road gear, or purchasing their coffee from supermarkets and crossing their fingers hoping for the best.

They research, make knowledgeable choices of gear and of the coffee beans, learning operation and maintenance, exploring home roasting, and educating their palates to achieve the ultimate sensory experience. They also understand better their role in the preservation of Specialty Coffee quality, and take it seriously.

Each happy partner of ours is an ambassador to the idea that ANYONE can become a Home Barista, no matter where you are in your learning curve, where in Australia you live and how much spare time you have.

So How Do We Actually Do That?

When an aspired Home Baristas gets in touch with us, engaging in our training, meeting our care and zeal for great flavours, they seem to undergo a mind shift. Some ofcourse will choose to remain in the 'cheap, convenient and easy' zone, but fortunately so many others realize the value in engaging with the experts to take them through the 'not super easy' process so that the little effort put in will pay off with full control over your daily fix or weekend leisure time. We passionately dissolve the myth of: 'we can never get this quality coffee at home'.

And to become a Barista, you must subscribe to the formula of what makes great espresso: A machine that delivers the right pressure and temperature, a grinder that delivers fine and consistent grind, a well trained hand and freshly roasted, specialty coffee at the roast level and mix that meets your palate.

Click here to find out how we can help you with your choices of equipment, beans and training

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been working with 10,000 Home Baristas in Australia for the past 10 years. It had provided me and my team an invaluable insight into consumer psych in different points of exposure to coffee. It has tremendously helped shaping the design and implementation of our educational content, and the journey we take today with each individual. You can find some of our partner's journey stories here.

If all the above sounds like an exciting adventure you wish to jump aboard with us, then let's start by joining our mutual Q.U.E.S.T for divine coffee at home! Achieving freedom, extraordinary flavours and endless, exploratory, fun moments and insights only digging deep can bring.  

I encourage you to embark on your own coffee education by visiting our Support Centre, discovering your best matching equipment, joining our mailing list of for the latest articles and members only offers, or contacting us for a beans recommendation or booking your next home barista training.

Become a part of my dream.

Looking forward to welcome you aboard,