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New in Store


You know spring has sprung, not only because it gets warmer and the beautiful flowers begin to bud dancing in the light but we also notice the changes within us: we remind ourselves of old passions that are due renewal, and start exploring again new tastes, new looks, and new learning.  

We bring you the Spirit of Spring, our Collection of NEW and BACK in Store, Now on Sale:

Spend Min $60 on any of the New Arrival items in this collection and get $20 off your order! Simply use the Code SPRING20 at checkout. Promo ends Sep Feb 17th 23:59
Pullman Chisel Distribution Tool
Step up to espresso perfection! No more pockets of empty spaces hidden underneath the surface that compromise espresso extraction!  
The Pullman Chisel is a tool that evenly distributes coffee grounds within your portafilter basket, maximising espresso extraction and consistency with each shot, resulting in a more balanced, delicious shot of espresso.
Was $187 Now $167 Use Code SPRING20  
Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder  
Time to dig out the Cold Brewer and start practicing your alternative brewing skills.
What's a better way getting it on the right foot than buying a dedicated alternative brewing grinder that grinds to the exact method you use?
A must have for the pourover lovers!  
Was: $555 Now $535 Use Code SPRING20   
Eureka Mignon Specialita Grinder                       
Hurry! only few units left from September's batch! 
Eureka is known for using its decades of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative commercial coffee grinders. They use this pedigree to pack power and convenience into machines built specifically for home baristas. The new Mignon Specialita grinder offers large 55m flat steel burrs. It features a beautiful white-on-black touchscreen display with two timed dose settings and the same precise “micro-metric” adjustment. The large burrs translate to improved grind consistency and cafe-quality shots. It is also much quieter than most espresso grinders. 
Black Was $920 Now $900
Chrome Was $1,059 Now $1,039 
Use Code SPRING20 
  • Basal Aeropress Filter Jar


    Basal Aeropress Filter Jar

      A customised metal screw top jar made the perfect size to slide in a stack of AeroPress paper filters and keep them properly organised instead of spread through your bag. There is a capacity of 100 filters and removing 1 filter is extremely...

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  • Basal Pequeno Digital Scale


    Basal Pequeno Digital Scale

      The Pequeño Digital Scale is an extremely convenient way to increase the quality of your coffee. Weight your beans for each cup and accurately measure the water you add as you brew your coffee to ensure the exact yield you want. This will...

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  • Rhino Short Dosing Cup


    Rhino Short Dosing Cup

    The Rhino Short Dosing Cup is a tool that helps to keep your coffee grinding clean and consistent, ensuring that you get all of your coffee grounds into your portafilter basket and avoid getting mess on the bench. The Rhino Short Dosing Cup works...

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  • Fellow Carter Tumbler


    Fellow Carter Tumbler

      Experience coffee at its fullest, everywhere you go with Fellow's Carter Mug. With a wide mouth and a thin, comfortable lip, Carter allows you to enjoy the full aroma of your brew and gauge the temperature before you drink. Carter also features a...

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  • Fellow Carter Move Tumbler


    Fellow Carter Move Tumbler

      An updated version of the highly popular Fellow Carter Tumbler Mugs, the Fellow Carter Move Tumbler takes the same great stylish and effective Carter mug and slims it to fit your travel needs.  Experience coffee at its fullest, everywhere...

    $47.95 - $56.95
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  • Rocket Angled Tamper Mat


    Rocket Angled Tamper Mat

    The Rocket Tamper Mat is a high quality tamper mat that can withstand impact and keep your bench clean and free from any dings. If you own a Rocket machine and love to keep all of your accessories branded, or if you just want one of the best quality...

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  • Hario V60 Glass Brew Bundle


    Hario V60 Glass Brew Bundle

    The Hario V60 Glass Brew Bundle is the quintessential kit for brewing filter coffee in the comfort of your own home or the gift to give for somebody starting their pourover journey at home with Hario's premier dripper. 

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  • Subminimal NanoFoamer


    Subminimal NanoFoamer

    The Subminimal NanoFoamer is a milk frothing device that enables you to make cafe quality microfoam milk at home, in the office or travelling. Ever notice that cheap milk "froathers" only ever seem to add a whole lot of dry, stiff foam with big bubbles...

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  • Basal Coffee Traveller Bag


    Basal Coffee Traveller Bag

      Finally there’s a great way to pack, protect and carry all of your essential coffee brewing equipment. The Filter Coffee Traveller is a beautifully crafted coffee travel case that makes it easy to take your gear with you without fuss and...

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  • Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug


    Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug

    The Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug is the must have companion milk jug to the NanoFoamer or budding latte art enthusiast looking to improve your latte art skills. The milk jug features an ergonomic, heat resistant handle and unique shaped spout that allows...