Milk Steamers & Kettles

  • Subminimal NanoFoamer


    Subminimal NanoFoamer

    The Subminimal NanoFoamer is a milk frothing device that enables you to make cafe quality microfoam milk at home, in the office or travelling. Ever notice that cheap milk "froathers" only ever seem to add a whole lot of dry, stiff foam with big bubbles...

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  • Hario Buono Pourover Filter Kettle 1.2L


    Hario Buono Pourover Filter Kettle 1.2L

    The Hario V60 Buono Pourover Filter Kettle is the quintessential pourover kettle for brewing delicious filter coffee in the comfort of your home or out camping in the great outdoors. The kettle sports a gooseneck spout that protrudes from the bottom of...

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  • Fellow Stagg Pourover Kettle


    Fellow Stagg Pourover Kettle

      The Fellow Stagg Pourover Kettle is one of the most unique pourover kettle designs available on the market. With a precise gooseneck spout, built-in brew-range thermometer and an easy to grip and manouver handle, the Fellow Stag Pourover Kettle...

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  • Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle

    Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle

    The Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle has been the benchmark set for variable temperature kettles designed for the speciality coffee enthusiast for many years. Precise water temperature is paramount to extracting the right flavour notes from...

  • Brewista Kettle 1.2L


    Brewista Kettle 1.2L

     The Brewista Kettle 1.2L is no longer available. Click here for an alternative electric pourover kettle   The Brewista Smart Pour is a Variable Temperature Digital Kettle that does it all for you! Made of stainless steel the Smart Pour is...

  • Brewista Artisan Electric Kettle 1.0L


    Brewista Artisan Electric Kettle 1.0L

    Whether you use hot water to warm up cups, make long black or tea, or heat up water for filter coffee, the Brewista Artisan Kettle Black on Black is both an essential appliance and a thing of beauty. It is the perfect temp variable kettle for any home...

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