• Macap M2D On Demand

    Macap M2D On Demand

    The M2D is an exceptional grinder for the cost, it grinds straight into the filter holder and does so with great consistency. The M2D uses large 50 mm burrs and a powerful low-speed motor to provide consistent grinds shot after shot. With the doserless...

    $590.00 - $690.00
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  • Macap M2M Grind On Demand

    Macap M2M Grind On Demand

      The latest improved M2M has stepless adjustment, clearer collar, metal trigger and stronger group handle support The Macap M2M is the younger brother of the famous Macap M4 and is price to fly. It features 50mm commercial grade steel burrs,...

    $560.00 - $660.00
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  • Macap M42D Digital (Micrometric) Grinder

    Macap M42D Digital (Micrometric) Grinder

        Macap M4D Digital (Micrometric) grinder is designed as a professional doserless grinder, the exact amount of ground coffee is controlled by a digital display. Ideal for home and office user demanding an easy to use top class grinder for...

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  • Macap M7K Conical (Micrometric) Grinder

    Macap M7K Conical (Micrometric) Grinder

    The Macap M7K grinder is a powerful grinder. Size isnÕt the only thing it excells at though, 400 watts of energy power the M7K, and conical 68mm burrs chop your beans for an ideal grind. Its stepless grind settings means that you can make small...

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