La Sorrentina TM ŒÂ Coffee Machine

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pdf.png How to use The La Sorrentina / Atomic

La Sorrentina is a 4 to 6 cup espresso style stove top coffee maker with milk frothing wand for gas and electric stoves.

This coffee maker is a premium reproduction of the famous 1947 patented design by Giordano Robbiati of Milan. Made using the same materials and methods as the vintage machines- La Sorrentina Coffee Makers are a tribute to the Mid-Century design classic.

This is a very versatile stove top coffee maker- you can make an entire jug of black coffee for 'Americano' style mugs of coffee or you can make small espresso style 'shots' that become the base for delicious cappuccinos, lattes, etc. The frothing wand has 4 nozzles and delivers a strong jet of dry steam to quickly froth and heat milk. Simple to use and easy to clean the machine is made to such a high standard it can be expected to last a lifetime with a minimum of care.

Not only is this the ideal compact coffee maker for the home: it is also an item of functional art. The smooth organic surfaces and 'atomic era' styling looks great in any kitchen.

Each La Sorrentina machine is covered by a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty. The machine comes complete in the box with detailed instructions in English and one filter baskets. The filter is our new Stainless Steel Super Basket - this basket improves the performance of the machine and can be used to make 2 or 4 cups of coffee.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards every La Sorrentina machine is hand assembled, polished and tested before sale. If you have any problems or questions after your purchase we are here to answer them and make sure your purchase is a happy one.

Each machine includes also FREE 250g Di Bartoli Fresh Beans ground for the La Sorrentina.

We also sell all the Atomic / La Sorrentina Spare Parts.