Kaffelogic Nano 7 Benchtop Coffee Roaster

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The Kaffelogic Nano 7 is a compact home coffee roaster that combines powerful high-precision profile-driven roasting into a small, lightweight, user-friendly unit.

Coffee loving engineer Chris Hilder couldn’t find a home roaster that gave him the control of the roast he needed, so he did what all true enthusiasts would do: he made one himself. In fact, Chris has spent the last four years developing and refining a home roaster that delivers perfectly roasted coffee beans at the touch of a button.

When the roasted coffee exceeded even Chris’ stringent standards, it was time to bring his professional grade home roaster to the thousands of coffee professionals and coffee lovers out in the world.

A microprocessor controlled intelligent roasting system allows using the Nano 7 to be as straightforward, or as precisely customised, as you want it to be: world-class roasts at the touch of a button. 

Use is as simple as pouring a measure of your choice of green coffee beans into the roasting chamber, choosing your roast level according to how dark you like it, and pressing start. The pre-set roasting profile does the rest and in 15 minutes you will have a batch of gorgeously aromatic, fresh-roasted beans - 100g, enough to make around 6 espresso double shots or 10 cups of plunger coffee.