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Joe Frex Tamper Mat

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The Flat Tamping Mat is made of 3mm thick food grade silicone which prevents portafilters from slipping whilst protecting the bench and portafilter from damage. The food grade silicone is raised to 6mm around the rim to avoid spillage and to ensure even more stability and surface protection it features a tamper holder in the corner. 

Flat tamping mats are a essential accessory for every barista in busy cafes as they give baristas much needed cushioning when tamping hundreds if not thousands of times per day and for the home baristas they prevent scratches made by the portafilters on expensive kitchen counters. These mats may be placed up against a grinder so that they can act as a tray to collect grinds from those messy dosers.

Dimensions: 15cm L x 20cm W x 3mm H