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Home Roasting

Roasting your own coffee may seem like a difficult and even ridiculous task, but we are here to teach you how really easy, fun and educational it can be! Here is why you should consider roasting at home:

  • It’s Easy! All of our home roasters have been designed with simple buttons and directions to make it easy and enjoyable
  • It’s Fresh! Green beans can last up to a year in the bag, and you only need to roast one batch at a time
  • It Saves Money! 1kg of green beans cost $14 instead of $38 for a 1kg roasted
  • It’s educational! you will learn more about coffee while roasting your own then any book could ever teach you about roasting
  • Behmor 1600 Plus Coffee Roaster
    We sell the lates Behmor Roaster Model 1600 Plus  Now, you can have the freshest coffee possible in the comfort of your own home with the Behmor 1600 Home Coffee Roaster. This roaster has many great features that makes...

    Price $495.00
  • Coffee Cupping Bowl - 220ml
    Porcelain cupping bowl - ideal for cupping sessions

    Price $10.45
  • Colombian Supremo Popayan
    A traditional favourite, Colombian Supremo Popayan grows in the rich soil of the deeply admired Popayan region of the Sierra Nevadas. Smooth and full-bodied with balanced acidity, subtle berry tones and classic aroma, this...

    Price $14.00
  • Ethiopian ET Harrar Grade 4 Longberry ‘East’ -- greens
    Ethiopia is acknowledged as the birthplace of Arabica coffee and over the centuries has retained a revered place in the social, cultural and economic heart of the country. Today, the country is the world’s 5th largest...

    Price $14.00
  • Guatamala Antigua 'Los Volcanos' -- greens
    The Antigua valley is one of Guatemala’s oldest and best-known coffee growing regions. The valley’s volcanoes and shallow water table create a dry micro-climate with low humidity, lots of sun and long, cool...

    Price $14.00
  • Hottop Home Roaster KN--8828B-2
    The Hottop Coffee Roaster has been developed in close cooperation with professional coffee roasters and knowledgeable users. This ensures that the Hottop Coffee Roaster produces truly excellent freshly roasted coffee.It has...

    Price $1,864.50
  • Hottop Rear Filter
    One of the benefits of the Hottop roasters is the filtering system. The top filter ensures clean air is drawn into the roasting chamber, and the rear filter removes smoke particles from the atmosphere. This ensures a much...

    Price $24.00
  • Hottop Top Filter
    Hottop Top Filter

    Price $24.00
  • Le Nez Du Cafe' Sensory Kit
    Le Nez du Cafe is a collection of the most typical aromas found in the world's top coffees.The aroma kit is a valuable educational tool & will assist those involved with coffee to develop and train their senses to easily...

    Price $79.00
  • Papupa New Guinea - Niugini Arabica--greens
    Papua New Guinea produces some of the world's best Arabica coffee thanks to the rich soil, high elevation and mild year around climate. Niugini Arabica is a boutique coffee company that sources organically grown beans from...

    Price $14.00
  • Rattleware Cupping Spittoon, Black Plastic
    Tired of not having at least one free hand for taking notes while cupping coffees? Feeling guilty about endlessly wasting disposable cups? This black plastic cupping spittoon, is next to impossible to tip over, is...

    Price $39.95
  • Rattleware Oval Coffee Bean Tray
    The Oval Coffee Bean Tray is used for holding coffee bean samples in cupping sessions

    Price $3.95
  • Rattlewear Heavy Weight Cupping Spoons
    A wonderful and great sized spoon for cupping sessions

    Price $3.95
  • Single Origin - Brazil Caldas Royale -- greens
     Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas is an authentic Brazilian coffee terroir, where farms are scattered along slopes of one of the most geologically rich volcanic calderas(Caldas) in the world...

    Price $14.00
  • Single Origin - Peru Fair-trade Organic HB Caijsa --greens
    Peru is the world's leading producer of organic coffee. The main varietals represented here are Typica, Caturra and Bourbon. All processing is fully washed which includes depulping, fermentation, washing and sun drying. A...

    Price $14.00
  • Swiss Water Colombia Excelso E/P Decaffeinated Single Origin -- greens
    Decaffeinated coffee has come a long way since its invention in 1903. Unfortunately though, most decaffeination processes still employ chemical solvents to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean. At Swiss Water...

    Price $18.00