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Home Barista Tools

  • Acaia Lunar Scale
    The only coffee scale you'll ever need to make delicious coffee Master the art of coffee brewing with Acaia - the only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee...

    Price $339.00
  • Bezzera Naked/Bottomless Portafilter Traditional Head
        Bezzera Naked/Bottomless Portafilter Traditional Head (suitable for BZ99, BZ02, BZ35, BZ40)

    Price $100.00
  • Brewista Smart Scale II
    The Brewista Smart Scale II has been developed with the barista in mind, featuring 6 easy to use modes. It is perfect for both espresso and pour over brewing methods....and it now comes with a rechargeable battery !(please...

    Price $114.95
  • Coffee Catcha
    The Coffee Catcha is a clever invention created to help baristas when dosing coffee into the basket. The Coffee Catcha sits on your portafilter basket edge and acts like a funnel. This makes overdosing for collapasing quite...

    Price $79.95 $69.95
  • Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale
    Pocket sized dosing scale that slips conveniently into the barista apron pocket. Features include: Auto off Tare/Cal Overload protection Capacity of 500g Accuracy of 0.1g Modes: g/oz/ozt/dwt Platform dimensions:...

    Price $34.95
  • Coffee Tool Kit (Brush and Nylon head)
    Residue in the head will pollute your coffee shots, introducing bitter, burnt and rancid flavours in your cup. The Pallo Coffee Tool is a great tool for cleaning out residue and spent coffee grounds from inside your espresso...

    Price $22.95
  • Coffee Tool Nylon Head - Set of 3
    Set of three replacement nylon heads for the coffee tool kit cleaning brush. These brushes are hard wearing and designed for commercial & semi-commercial use. It will last up to 5 times longer than other brushes.

    Price $24.95
  • Coffee Wrench
    The Caffeine Wrench is an innovative, multi-purpose barista tool from the creative house of Pallo. It incorporates 3 wrench sizes: 8 mm, 12mm and 13 mm, the most common steam tips sizes available in the market. In addition...

    Price $19.95
  • E61 Home Servicing Kit
    This E61 Home Service Kit is a 'Revival' Kit that can get you out of trouble when water don't flow from the group head, you experience leakage or...

    Price $93.20 $83.88
  • ECM Germany Naked/Bottomless Portafilter
      ECM Germany Bottomless Portafilter. Only compatible with E61 Group Head

    Price $125.00
  • Food Grade Machinery Premium Grease
    This MX6 Inox Premium Machinery Grease is highly resistant to water, salt, chemicals and drying. It is a fully synthetic, extreme pressure grease, formulated to give premium performance and food grade purity. It also...

    Price $11.50
  • HPM 7 Day Digital Timer
    Don't have enough time waiting for the coffee machine heating up in the morning? Here is the solution. This timer is one of the must-have items at home if you have a heat exchanger machine with automatic boiler refill...

    Price $35.00
  • Joe Frex Digital Timer
    This timer helps you measure precise brewing times for espresso, coffee or tea. It features a start-stop switch, count-down and count-up functions and a large LCD display. The timer can also be easily attached to...

    Price $12.95
  • Latte Pro Milk Jug
    The Latte Pro is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug. It features a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug, reducing the need for unreliable and time consuming stick...

    Price $27.95
  • Mini Hook Set (4 Piece)
    These hooks are designed ease the removal of O-rings, split pins, seals and loose parts. They are great for cleaning shower screens, dispersion filters etc. The pack comes with awl, clevis pin remover, "L" and "V" hooks...

    Price $24.95
  • Naked/Bottomless Portafilters - Compatible
    Ever wondered exactly how good your distribution is? If you'd like to find out, this is the barista toy for you. A naked or bottomless portafilter will let you discover the effect distribution has on your shot, and is an...

    Price $75.00
  • OCD: ONA Coffee Distributor Version 2 (Gold)
    Making a perfect cup of coffee means using quality tools to help reduce variables to ensure you are consistent each time. Grind distribution is one of the many variables that can impact on quality and consistency of each...

    Price $210.00
  • Rocket Bottomless Filter Holder
    The Rocket Bottomless (Naked) Filterholder is an essential gadget for any Rocket machine owner. Ever wondered exactly how good your distribution is? If you'd like to find out, this is the barista tool for you. A naked or...

    Price $95.00
  • Scottie Callaghan Dosing Tools for the Home/Professional Barista ( 30 Piece )
    A unique, innovative set of tools developed by Scottie Callaghan, Australian Barista Champion 2007 and the World Latte Art Champion 2006, in order to provide the user flexibility, control and/or a reference point when dosing...

    Price $39.50
  • Silicone Heat Transfer Compound
    The Silicone Heat Transfer Compound improves heat transfer from the heating device to the heat sink, increasing overall efficiency. It is used normally as a connector between thermostats and the mahcine's boiler surface. The...

    Price $8.50