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Hario Cold Drip

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This cold dripper from Hario is both ornamental and functional, and it produces exceptional coffee. The slowly dripping cold water produces coffee low in acidity, bitterness and astringency while extracting the best aroma.

This elegant coffeemaker uses the classic cold-drip method to produce a full-flavoured cold drip coffee. Store your extraction in the fridge - and drink neat over ice.

  • This classic brewing system brings out coffee's flavour and aroma by slowly dripping cold water through finely ground beans.
  • Brewing your coffee with cold water preserves delicate flavor compounds, while eliminating the bitter oils and acids that would be extracted at higher temperatures.
  • A precision metal valve controls the drip, ensuring perfect drop-by-drop percolation.
  • Coffee flows through the stainless-steel filter into the heat-treated glass pot below, resulting in a pure, richly flavoured brew.
  • Makes concentrated coffee ideal for iced beverages or serve as a 'cold drip' neat over ice.
  • Makes up to 750ml of coffee.

For best flavour results, Di Bartoli recommend using Di Bartoli freshly roasted beans, ground for a stove top.

Click HERE for a handy guide on "How to Make Hario Water Dripper Coffee".