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Ever wondered where the coffee beans in your hopper come from? Why is it that different types of coffee taste so different even when brewed in the same maker? What are the most common mistakes to avoid next time you buy a bag of beans?

If you know good coffee from bad, if you’ve developed a discerning coffee taste, if you make coffee at home and feel the need to make better buying choices, if you’re ready to explore further the vast world of quality coffee, then this event is for you!

Come along and immerse in the coffee journey with some of the greatest experts in the coffee industry. No coffee making experience is required. Here is what you will learn:

  • 10 cool facts you didn’t know about coffee…
  • What is Specialty Coffee and why is it worth while exploring?
  • Where does coffee grow? 
  • How is coffee being processed and why does it make a difference in the cup?
  • How do green beans land at the local roastery?
  • What happens in coffee roasting and how does it influence flavour?
  • What is cupping?
  • How does our choices of grinding, brewing technology and maker impact the end result?

This event is for all the coffee curios out there. We start off with some facts about coffee and an introduction to Specialty coffee.
This will be followed by an exciting talk by Mr Tercio Borba from 3Bothers Australia, who will share the work him and his brother do in Brazil working directly with farmers on the ground to secure quality green beans, import and distribute it in Australia. Tercio will share with us their vision and will show us how coffee processing impacts the flavours in the cup.

Gina DiBrita, the founder and director of Numero Uno Coffee, will share with you her passion and expertise in coffee roasting, from sourcing green beans through the roasting process, quality control to designing flavor profiles. This will provide a valuable insight to optimising roast level for your palate and buy beans with confidence.

The last part will be a fun tasting, where Di Bartoli’s baristas will be using various brew methods and beans to brew and share with you, examining variants in a cup with natural Vs washed coffee, filter roast vs espresso roast and espresso brew method vs filter brew method.

And finally, you will walk about with a bag of fresh beans samples tasted during the event! You will also be given 15% discount on anything purchased on the night (exc espresso equipment and roasters)

This event is the first in our ‘Bringing Coffee and Community Together’ 5 events series supported by the City of Sydney’s Night Diversification Program. It is also sponsered by 3Brothers Australia and Numero Uno Coffee. Join us for the fun! 



Rosebery Coffee Hub
647 Botany Road
Rosebery, NSW 2018
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Date and Time

November 8, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM AEDT
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