Father's Day Sale



No matter what kind of a Coffee Lover Dad you have, the Di Bartoli Store is guaranteed to delight him on his day.

We've put together a few ideas and some extra gift inspiration to help you find the perfect present for dad this Father's Day. Not only that, but most are discounted up to 50% off!

The Mad Hedonist

Dad spends his weekends perfecting his espresso shots and sharing with the family even if they don't want one! He's been eyeing a serious machine to take his hobby to the next level but sometimes does forget to be selfish about it...Show him how much his passion for coffee is appreciated and his dreams matter, with a Rocket Appartamento or an Isomac Tea espresso machine.

Rocket Appartamento    10% off, pay only $2,429

*White Model Only

Isomac Tea                  10% off, pay only $1,834

                                 Discount Code GiftsforDad10%

Di Bartoli Beans 6 Months
                                                              Beans Subscription*       30% off, pay only $369 

                                                                      Discount Code GiftsforDad30%
                                                                      *Valid only for 1kg deliveries



Dad's To-do list looks like this:

1. Get up
2. Make Coffee
3. Drink Coffee
4. Make more Coffee
Buy him a Little Guy to make his ritual complete. 

The Little Guy (Otto)      10% off, pay only $620
                                     Discount Code   GiftsforDad10%
Espresso Made in Italy      Members Only 50% off Register
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Bellina TCA-5 Siphon   Members Only 50% off Register
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You thought you were up to date with the trends, but he's the one with all the gadgets and really knows how to use them. Keep him ahead of the curve with the latest coffee gadgets:

Espro Calibrated Tamper   10% off, pay only $126
OCD Ona's Distribution Tool 10% off, pay only $148.50
Scottie Callaghan Tools 10% off, starting from $35
                                     Discount Code GiftsforDad10%

Funky Coloured Handles for E61  30% off, pay only $51.59
Naked Handles - Compatible       30% off, pay only $52.50
Limited Edition Luxury Handles  30% off, pay only $73.18

                                                                      Discount Code GiftsforDad30%





The Filter Fan

Dad says espresso has its own honourable place but filter and cold brew coffees will be his favourite when he wants to linger long, enjoy more nuances in the coffee, when it's a hot day and he wants to relax with Ice coffee on the veranda or when he travels. His AeroPress got lost a while back, maybe he'd love the bundle as a treat?


AeroPress and Mini Porlex Bundle 30% off, pay only $93
V.60 Bundle with Stand & Server  30% off, pay only $101

The Cold Brewer Bundle              30% off, pay only $138.95
                                      Discount Code GiftsforDad30%




The Traveller

Dad wont travel anywhere without his coffee gear. He says he loves taking control into his own hands and enjoy coffee no matter if we go fishing, going on a road trip, or stay overnight at friends. Few family members call him a 'snob' but watch his face when he sip on that great latte after setting up the tent and you'd know the man has his own ways...

Bellman CX25 with Mini Porlex Bundle      30% off, pay only $244.30
AeroPress and Mini Porlex Bundle        30% off, pay only $93
                             Discount Code GiftsforDad30%






The Easy Going

I'll be getting those fuzzy warm hugs from Dad no matter what I buy him, as long as it's coffee related..he's really easy going about what I choose for him and loves anything colourful, practical and educating! The guys at Di Bartoli offer their One on one Home Barista Training for 50% off! I know exactly what he'd be keen on...

Gift Voucher                   10% off, starting at $50
Discount Code GiftsforDad10%


Cafelat Milk Pitcher           30% off, pay only $31.50
Discount Code GiftsforDad30%


One-on-on Home Barista 1h Training  50% off 
Cafelat Pillar Tamper                         50% off
Di Bartoli Professional Tamper            50% off

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Check other Gifts Dad may like here...

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Terms of Sale

  • This Sale runs till September 4th 23:59pm
  • There are no double discounts or more than one discount code used for one order
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