• Expobar Office Leva

    Expobar Office Leva

    The Expobar Office Leva is fantastic value for a heat exchanger machine for home or office use. The latest version has smaller feet which makes the machine look even better. It features: A E61 Group head Heat Exchange technology for simultaneous...

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  • Expobar Office Semi-Automatic

      The Expobar Office Semi-Automatic espresso machine is one of a kind with a combination of low cost and high quality design and construction. It can brew and steam at the same time making it ideal for any type of home use, small deli or bagel shop...

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  • Expobar Ruggero High Group Compact

    The Craftsmanship, the quality and the exclusivity are the features that make the Ruggero a truly spectacular espresso machine. It is a compact automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group, electronic switchboard to control the coffee...

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