ECM Manufacture

ECM Manufacture is a relatively new import to Australia. This company has been manufacturing their home line only for the past few years, yet the ECM team brings years of experience with outstanding German competence in the construction of espresso machines. Their machines are produced by their own manufacturing facility in Milan and marketed selectively worldwide, through network of dealers which Di Bartoli is proud to be a part of it. Few models are brought to Australia, with optional variations, like Steam Taps Vs. Knobs, Vibrating Vs. Rotating pump and plumbing in option, as well as introducing the Electronika model with the volumetric control and the 2 Group Elektronika Profi, ideal for offices and comes in a great price too! On our bench ready to pulls shots is the ECM Manufacture Technika 'Profi' Rotary pump model. If there is any other specific model you like and you can't find it here, please contact us to inquire of availability and prices.


  • ECM Elektronika (Rotary) 2 Group - Commercial

    ECM Elektronika (Rotary) 2 Group - Commercial

        Limited supply. Please contact us for availability prior to placing an order Machine Overview The ECM Elektronika (Rotary) is for all lovers of espresso culture. The stainless steel body in handcrafted perfection...

  • ECM Elektronika Profi Rotary

    ECM Elektronika Profi Rotary

    Order Now - ETA late-July 2021 Machine Overview The ECM Elektronika Profi is for all lovers of espresso culture. The stainless steel body in handcrafted perfection stand out due to its linear shape and its discreet and noble design. This model is...

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  • ECM Mechanika Rotary Profi

    ECM Mechanika Rotary Profi

    PREORDER NOW - NEW MACHINES AVAILABLE FROM AUGUST 2021 ECM Germany combines the best of German precision and Italian coffee machine design to produce espresso machines that display quality, design and performance in each and every one of their products...

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  • ECM Mechanika Slim

    ECM Mechanika Slim

    Available Mid April, limited stock, secure yours now! The Mechanika Slim is a latest addition from the ECM house, replacing the original Mechanika model. A stunning Heat Exchange with an e61 group head and the smallest footprint to fit on the most...

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  • ECM Technika V Rotary PID

    ECM Technika V Rotary PID

    Available mid April 2021, limited stock. This is the LATEST ECM Technika Rotary model with a PID control and newly designed steam and hot water tap Machine Overview The ECM Technika V Profi is the Rolls-Royce among espresso machines and multiple test...

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