Dosing and Distribution


Dosing and distribution tools are the hottest gadgets nowadays among espresso lovers who seek better accuracy, consistency and flavours.

Distribution is always needed as no matter how centralised you get the mound of coffee in the basket, there will always be a section with a higher density of grinds. This results in water following the path of least resistance, in this case the edge of the basket and causing channelling. A distribution tool can make a complex job easier and more consistent. It reinforces the idea that distribution is important for high quality extraction.

We've created an exciting new collection with new and back in stock distribution tools. Unsure of the one for you? Get in touch with our friendly support team who are always happy to chat! 

  • Rhino Short Dosing Cup


    Rhino Short Dosing Cup

    The Rhino Short Dosing Cup is a tool that helps to keep your coffee grinding clean and consistent, ensuring that you get all of your coffee grounds into your portafilter basket and avoid getting mess on the bench. The Rhino Short Dosing Cup works...

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  • Barista Pro Gear Dosing Ring 58mm Black

    Barista Pro Gear

    Barista Pro Gear Dosing Ring 58mm Black

    The Barista Pro Gear Dosing Ring is an effective tool to retain consistency when dosing ground coffee into your portafilter basket, reduce wastage and keep your bench free of wasted coffee grounds. Suitable for all 58-58.4mm portafilter baskets (all E61...

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  • ECM Portafilter Dosing Ring

    ECM Manufacture

    ECM Portafilter Dosing Ring

    A simple yet effective accessory to help baristas dose coffee into their portafilter basket and keep the bench clean. The ECM Portafilter Dosing Ring sits on top of your portafilter basket edge and funnels coffee. This reduces wastage of ground coffee...

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  • Pullman Chisel


    Pullman Chisel

    The Pullman Chisel is a tool that evenly distributes coffee grounds within your portafilter basket, maximising espresso extraction and consistency with each shot, resulting in a more balance, delicious shot of espresso. By using the Pullman Chisel...

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  • Nucleus Coffee Distributor NCD

    ONA Coffee

    Nucleus Coffee Distributor NCD

    Previously known as the ONA Coffee Distributor (OCD), the Nucleus Coffee Distributor (NCD) is an essential tool for espresso grind distribution to make the most consistent cup of coffee everytime. The Nucleus Coffee Distributor features a textured,...

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