Cupping Tools

  • Le Nez Du Cafe' Sensory Kit - On Sale

    Now on Sale! Read T & C here   Le Nez du Cafe is a collection of the most typical aromas found in the world's top coffees.The aroma kit is a valuable educational tool & will assist those involved with coffee to develop and train their...

    $79.00 - $529.00
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  • Rattleware Oval Coffee Bean Tray

     Now on Sale! Read T & C here The Rhino Coffee Bean Tray is used for holding coffee bean samples in cupping sessions, an essential part of any cupping table and perfect to partner with the Rhino cupping bowl & Rhino cupping spoon...

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  • Rhino Cupping Bowl - Black

    Now on Sale! Read T & C here Rhino Coffee Gear have designed a new white cupping bowl. The white cupping bowl meets SCA design and volume standards, to ensure that they can be used in competitions. Features: - Meets requirements for SCA...

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