Compak K3 Elite PB

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Compak K3 Elite PB grinder is specially designed for hotels, restaurants and domestic use. Ideal for small productions, while maintaining a professional level. Made entirely our of aluminum. Incorporates an 'Espresso area'.

Available in Matte Black 


  • Motor output 225 W
  • Revolutions per minute 1.345 rpm
  • Ø Burrs 58 mm
  • Espresso point production 3,7 Kg/h
  • Hopper capacity 300 gr
  • Height x width x depth 420 x 170 x 365 mm
  • Net weight 6,1 Kg


  • Precise micrometrical grinding adjustment
  • Special Barista doser without builtin tamper
  • Aluminum star doser with high efficiency sweppers
  • Precise dosing