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Colombian Supremo Popayan-- greens 1kg

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A traditional favourite, Colombian Supremo Popayan grows in the rich soil of the deeply admired Popayan region of the Sierra Nevadas.

Smooth and full-bodied with balanced acidity, subtle berry tones and classic aroma, this coffee is classified Supremo for its bean size.

The coffee producing areas of this region of Colombia are lush with ideal rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions that are perfect for coffee cultivation. The cool mountainous climate prolongs the development of the Popayan's coffee cherry, deepening the berry flavour absorbed by its seed or coffee bean. 

Acidity: High with pronounced brightness

Body: Rounded, medium

Aroma: Hazelnut and toasted caramel

Flavour: Berries, caramel with residual sweetness. Rich and intense.  

Medium, good for espresso, stovetop & plunger.

Weight: 1kg/bag