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Coffee Appreciation for Newbies

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You keep on hearing words like: extraction, brew pressure, distribution, tamping, and your head is full of all those barista buzz words that don't seem to sink in. And you are thinking, do I really need to know how to make a perfect shot of espresso just to deepen my knowledge and joy of coffee?
Not necessarily. We have tailored a session just for you that doesn't rely heavily on the technical aspect of coffee making, but rather provides an overview of the journey from a cherry to a cup and focuses on our sensory experience. This session was designed for coffee lovers who know a good cup from a bad cup and wish to further challenge their palate and learn how to name the sensory experience better. 
You can enjoy this session either in addition to or instead of our One on on Home Barista Training, as it will deepen your ability to appreciate this magical drink, to evaluate and critique it using the right words and to be more knowledgeable in the pursue of your coffee appreciation journey at home. 
The session includes: 
  • Coffee cultivation, regions, characteristics
  • From picking to processing
  • What makes a good cup? aroma, acidity, bitterness, tactile
  • Challenging our senses with the Le Nez Du Cafe coffee aromas extracts
  • Evaluating aromas of variety of beans 
  • Reviewing tactile qualities
  • Tasting session: espresso, siphon and stove top
  • Cupping Sheet score
Session Duration: 1 hour
Join us for an hour of fun and challenge your sensory skills. You will gain an understanding on how to taste coffee and what to look for in a good cup, so as making you an expert next time the conversation is around coffee!
This session can be tailored to a team building event for a minium of 1.5 hour. Contact us to inquire about more options.