Cloths and Brushes


  • Monster Cloth (pack of 2)

    Monster Cloth (pack of 2)

        Using a special blend of polymide & polyester, this special heavy duty microfibre cloth set lifts and traps dirt, grime, dust, grease, fingerprints and can be used on any cleaning application. You can maintain your coffee machine's...

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  • Rhino Barista Cloth Set 4pk


    Rhino Barista Cloth Set 4pk

     Out of Stock until August 2021 - Click here for alternative   Rhino Coffee Gear's Barista Cloth set has been developed to assist cleaning and maintaining coffee machines in a commercial environment and is also suitable for home machine use...

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  • Grinder Minder Pallo


    Grinder Minder Pallo

    Grinder Minder Pallo is one part Grinder Brush and one part Counter Brush all in one convenient tool. Brush down the grinder, flip it around and sweep off the counter. Generous reach to get into stuff and a low profile design to get under stuff...

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  • Coffee Tool Nylon Head - Set of 3


    Coffee Tool Nylon Head - Set of 3

    Set of three replacement nylon heads for the coffee tool kit cleaning brush. These brushes are hard wearing and designed for commercial & semi-commercial use. It will last up to 5 times longer than other brushes.

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  • Pallo Coffee Tool & Replacement Heads Bundle


    Pallo Coffee Tool & Replacement Heads Bundle

    Residue in the head will pollute your coffee shots, introducing bitter, burnt and rancid flavours in your cup. The Pallo Coffee Tool is a great tool for cleaning out residue and spent coffee grounds from inside your espresso machine's group head. Unlike...

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  • E61 Home Servicing Kit

    E61 Home Servicing Kit

    This E61 Home Service Kit is a 'Revival' Kit that can get you out of trouble when your machine is due service but you can't find the time taking it to your local service agent. You may experience water not flowing from the group head, your group head...