Cleaning and Maintenace


Do I Need to Know Anything about Cleaning and Maintenance Before I Buy a Machine? 

We recommend to look at 3 basic points:

Quality of the water used

Lime scale is the worse enemy of all coffee machines. We highly recommend using filtered water as it will prevent costly breakdown and will optimize the taste of the coffee. If you do not use filtered water you may end up servicing your machine more frequently, which will increase cost of the machine's repair bill throughout its life.

Di Bartoli recommends an effective domestic water filtration solution called Digi Pure. It can provide clean, healthy and tasty drinking water for the whole family, but also removes a high percentage of scale, making it safe for all electrical appliances used with water, include your new espresso machine. You will get the Digi Pure for only $99 instead of $139 if you purchase a machine from us (simply enter the code digipure at check out) and that includes a cartridge that lasts for 9-12 months. A replacement cartridge cost only $69 and you can order it online. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance:

You will need to backflush your group head every 1 kg of coffee with chemical powder, clean your drip tray every few days and clean your baskets in between coffees. We recommend also cleaning you grinder every 6 months with Grindz pebbles. A comprehensive guide to cleaning and maintenance is attached to the machine you buy and will be covered in detail in your free training if picke up from store. A backflushign powder is provided FREE with every machine. We also recommend to look at other cleaning products: Group Head BrushCleaning Cloth and a grinder's brush

Regular servicing:

We recommend servicing your machine every 18 months. If you are not in Sydney, we can put you in touch with a near by service technician for that purpose. You can read here what we usually do in general service, although details and prices will vary from one agent to another.