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Cleaning & Filters

Having trouble with your espresso and cleaning didn't quite fix? We've got great solution for you!
Troubleshoot your espresso first to eliminate the Barista as a cause:
That didn't help too?
Book a troubleshoot call with a Service Specialist here.
Need some tips for cleaning and light servicing for your e61 group head espresso machine? Click below:
Wondering how to Backflush a group head? Watch our Service Manager, Renzo, when he breaks it down to few easy steps:
  • Brita C150 Finest Kit

    Brita C150 Finest Kit

    The Brita C150 Finest has been developed for better taste and better protection. The latest technology that reduces Total Hardness & the effects of harmful Chorides whilst maintaining a perfect PH, perfect for most water conditions and ideal for...

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  • Pallo Coffee Tool & Replacement Heads Bundle

    Pallo Coffee Tool & Replacement Heads Bundle

    Residue in the head will pollute your coffee shots, introducing bitter, burnt and rancid flavours in your cup. The Pallo Coffee Tool is a great tool for cleaning out residue and spent coffee grounds from inside your espresso machine's group head. Unlike...

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  • Cafelat Group Head Brush 58mm

    Cafelat Group Head Brush 58mm

      The Cafelat Group Head Brush has nylon bristles and is designed to clean grounds that get stuck on the outside of the group head of your espresso machine. Cleaning around the group heads will make sure the Portafilter will have a good seal when...

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  • E61 Home Servicing Kit

    E61 Home Servicing Kit

    This E61 Home Service Kit is a 'Revival' Kit that can get you out of trouble when water don't flow from the group head, you experience leakage or your steam wand pressure is weak...

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  • Cafetto Liquid Organic Descaler - 250mL

    Cafetto Liquid Organic Descaler - 250mL

        An organically certified, concentrated liquid designed to decalcify (delime or descale) espresso machine water tanks and coffee brewing equipment. Contains a synergistic blend of 4 organic acids that give outstanding scale removal...

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  • Rhino Barista Cloth Set 4pk

    Rhino Barista Cloth Set 4pk

        Rhino Coffee Gear's Barista Cloth set has been developed to assist cleaning and maintaining coffee machines in a commercial environment and is also suitable for home machine use. Using a unique blend of polymide and polyester, these...

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  • Add-on Softening Filter Kit, 1/4" Push Fit

    Add-on Softening Filter Kit, 1/4" Push Fit

      If you already have a water system installed, you can put the IN1218-2K inline after your existing system to reduce TH. The special blend of softening resins reduces TH by around 90% whilst maintaining an ideal PH for espresso. Based on a...

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  • HPM 7 Day Digital Timer

    HPM 7 Day Digital Timer

        Don't have enough time waiting for the coffee machine heating up in the morning? Here is the solution. This timer is one of the must-have items at home if you have a heat exchanger machine with automatic boiler refill function.  It...

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