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15% OFF Christmas Sale

Click Here for our Holiday Trading Hours and Deliveries Cut off Times Before Christmas


How to choose the right machine for you in time to go under the tree? 



It's simple. Talk to us.

You are not alone. Like you, we're supporting right now dozens of coffee lovers who are ready to take their coffee machine to the next level.

The bad (?) news is that there's no cookie-cutter-fits-all solution, so even though we really wanted to answer in 3 words common questions like:

'What would you recommend?' 

'What are your thoughts?'

'What should I be looking at'?

We really can't. And anyone that tells you otherwise, we'll question it. 


Do you know why? Because ALL the Prosumer models on our range CAN theoretically produce Cafe style quality at home for you. But not all of them are the right choice FOR YOU, nor can you achieve this quality with a machine alone. 

If you choose on look, someone else's experience, or on price, YOU ARE likely to regret it.  

The good news is that it's easily avoidable and we are right here to take you through your options, clear the overwhelm AND help you save the regret.

With 14 years experience ONLY selling, supporting and repairing Prosumer equipment, working closely with the amazing community of 13,000 coffee lovers who partnered with us on their coffee journey (Check out what they have to say about their experience), we are your go-to solution for the right choice. 


We hear you say:

'All those machines look good'

'They all have raving reviews'

'My cousin has one of those'

'We've been researching for 6 months now..'

'They are all a look alike, how can we possibly choose one?' 


Forget Google reviews or You-Tube for a second. Remember you are a unique individual. The best one for you is the one that features and behaves in a way that matches your set up, experience and expectation.

And it takes experience and knowledge in coffee, equipment and people, to guide you through this process successfully.


  1. It dissolves the overwhelm and gives you the clarity you need for a confident decision
  2. It saves you time waiting on the line or waiting for someone to call you back
  3. It saves you typing on live chat or on messenger
  4. It saves you time waiting for our expert to be made available in the hub while consulting other pre-booked visits
  5. It saves you the hassle of completing all the questions on our Quest questionnaire. In less busy times, we'll send you there to get to know your habits and likes better
  6. You get to know us a little too. Develop trust, create a conversation, learn we are real, caring and VERY patient. There are no silly questions nor judgement. We've seen it all. And we know what really matters

Is this your first Prosumer machine for home? Are you just starting out your research? Are you confused between Thermoblock, Single Boiler, Heat  Exchange and Double Boiler? Don't worry, we were all there. But just before we get to chat, you'd want to:

buyers guide


In Sydney? Like the face to face interaction? We know how human to human interaction make a difference. We also happen to have the largest Prosumer machines showroom in Sydney with all machines operational. Why not book a visit today? Here is what you can get out of it:

  1. It's easy and convenient. We're open 7 days, long hours, plenty of parking on site and carrying the machine from the venue to your boot is just part of the service..
  2. Nothing like seeing it in the flesh to help us envisioning it on our own bench
  3. We can be 100% sure it makes the coffee we love...,.(+grinder+the right beans+a skilled operator..)
  4. The quickest way from decision making to playing...
  5. Pick up tips and advice from those who live these machines 24/7




Good to go? Confident and ready to buy? Don't miss out on the BEST Christmas Deals Nationwide! Hurry up if you need your machine delivered before Christmas, your cut of date may be sooner that you think (to non capital cities it's December 13th!!!) 

Don't miss out! Buy with confidence, buy today and get it in time to go under the tree! 



  Capital cities All other areas Darwin, Perth & Hobart
Normal Postage Dec 18th 2018 1pm Dec 17th 2018 1pm Dec 13th 2018 1pm
Express Postage Dec 19th 2018 1pm Dec 18th 2018 1pm Dec 14th 2018 1pm
Courier Deliveries Dec 17th 2018 1pm Dec 15th 2018 1pm Dec 13th 2018 1pm


 * Please allow 2-3 more days for remote locations. We suggest to place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment