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  • CoffeeVac



      The CoffeeVac is a storage container that features a unique patented vacuum closure system. It's perfect for storing coffee beans and tea leaves. The CoffeeVac is able to preserve coffee beans for long periods by allowing products to breath and...

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  • NanoPresso NS Adaptor


    NanoPresso NS Adaptor

        The NS Adaptor allows the Nanopresso to use Nespresso®** original capsules to prepare espresso. The advantage of using capsules is that the coffee is mechanically ground, measured, and tamped with a higher precision than we...

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  • Miir Classic Tumbler


    Miir Classic Tumbler

    The Miir Classic Tumbler is a travel mug with a timeless design that suits for commuting, travelling or even for around the home or office. It is a double walled mug made from 18/8 medical grade stainless steel and hardshell powdercoated. It sports a...

    $26.14 - $31.41
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  • Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot


    Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot

      New: 1L Available Now In White  An elegant and effective way to produce quality cold brewed coffee at home. What's great about cold brew? It's rich, smooth and contains less than half the acids of traditional hot brew methods. The Hario...

    $26.31 - $28.86
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  • Hario V60 Range Server


    Hario V60 Range Server

      The Hario V60 Range Server serves your coffee with unremitting style. Made from heat-proof glass and featuring marked measuring levels, it is microwaveable and the perfect addition to your Hario V60 Brewing Collection.  Hario V60 Range...

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  • Brewista Full Cone Glass Dripper


    Brewista Full Cone Glass Dripper

      The Brewista double wall full cone dripper has been made from durable tempered borosilicate glass to maintain temperature, while remaining cool to touch. The tapered cone design accommodates standard full cone style paper filters. A non-slip...

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  • Fellow Joey Mug 8oz


    Fellow Joey Mug 8oz

    Available in both Matte Black and Matte White, the stunning 8oz Joey Mug has been perfectly crafted with a handleless, double walled ceramic keeping the outside of the mug cool, but the inside piping hot. The sleek copper bottom makes Joey a beautiful...

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  • Hario V60 2cup Red Porcelain Dripper


    Hario V60 2cup Red Porcelain Dripper

        The Hario V60 dripper is a smart and economical solution for clean, drip-filter coffee. The ceramic dripper is solid, with good lines finish. Interior of dripper has raised, curved ridges and a lip on the underside of the base so the...

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  • Hario V60 Uchi Travel Mug


    Hario V60 Uchi Travel Mug

     Now on Sale! Read T & C here       Keep your coffee hot while you're on the go with Hario's new V60 Travel Mug - the 'Uchi' - combines every facet you need for hot coffee or tea on the go: Insulates against burns...

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  • Sttoke

    STTOKE Ceramic Reusable Cup

        The STTOKE Ceramic Reusable Cup is touted as the world's first shatterproof ceramic reusable cup. It has been designed to provide consistent temperature and flavour for between 3-6 hours to ensure that the first sip is no different to the...

    $33.96 - $37.36
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  • NanoPresso Barista Kit


    NanoPresso Barista Kit

        The Barista Kit is a full set of accessories packed in a small container. It expands the Nanopresso capabilities by giving you the possibility to prepare double espresso (16 grams of ground coffee) up to 120ml. Thanks to its high pressure...

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  • Cafec Flower Dripper 2 Cup - White


    Cafec Flower Dripper 2 Cup - White

      Designed to bring out the best in your coffee. The unique Cafec Flower Coffee Dripper has flower ribs inside made by gouging out the dripper wall. This allows an air layer between the filter paper and dripper allowing the coffee to expand...

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