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  • 33 Cups of Coffee Book
    33 Cups of Coffee is great for the person who likes to experiment different kinds of beans and flavours. It is a convenient coffee journal that is pocket-sized and easy to fill out for coffee tastings. It includes a flavour...

    Price $7.95 $5.30
  • Acaia Lunar Scale
    The only coffee scale you'll ever need to make delicious coffee Master the art of coffee brewing with Acaia - the only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee...

    Price $339.00
  • Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate
    This aluminium magnetised weighing plate in matte black finish has been designed to be used with the Acaia Lunar Scale to hold a single portafitler, or two standard cappuccino cups side-by-side. Get the most out of your...

    Price $54.95
  • ACM Alfi
    Alfi is a lady you want in your life. She's easy to operate, affordable, and can create a delicious cup of coffee whenever and wherever you need one.  Taking up a small amount of room on your bench, Alfi works...

    Price $1,899.00 $1,499.00
  • Add-on Softening Filter Kit, 1/4" Push Fit
      If you already have a water system installed, you can put the IN1218-2K inline after your existing system to reduce TH. The special blend of softening resins reduces TH by around 90% whilst maintaining an ideal PH...

    Price $89.95
  • Aero Press Able Disk S/S Filter - Fine, fits the Bruer
    The Able coffee filter disk is a stainless steel filter designed to be used in the AeroPress or Bruer coffee maker.  This reusable stainless steel filter disk eliminates the need for expensive paper filter...

    Price $22.45
  • Aero Press and Porlex Mini Grinder Bundle
     Bundle includes:   AeroPress Coffee Maker Stainless  Steel Mini Porlex Grinder Di Bartoli Fresh Beans 250g  The AeroPressTM Coffee Maker is the simplest, fastest way to make a consistently...

    Price $124.00
  • Aero Press Paper Filter
    This replacement paper filter helps removing most of the coffee solids, resulting in a sediment-free brew in your cup. It contains 350units per pack.

    Price $8.50
  • Aeropress & PUCKPUCK Cold Drip Bundle
    Includes: Aeropress 350 Filter Papers PUCKPUCK Adapter PUCKPUCK Water Tank

    Price $118.95
  • Aero Press Coffee Maker
    The AeroPressTM Coffee Maker is the simplest, fastest way to make a consistently good cup of coffee...anywhere! Two minutes from start to clean up - and it's compact as well. All you need is hot water, so you can make...

    Price $54.00
  • Aeropress Travel Bundle
    Includes: Aeropress Coffee Maker Porlex Mini Rhino Travel Case

    Price $138.95
  • Hario Replacement Filter for Woodneck 3cups/480ml
    Akira Replacement Filter for Woodneck 3cups/480ml. Note: 1. Rinsed the cloth rhoroughly before re-using. 2. Ideally keep the cloth in water when not in use, as the dry out cloth will develop an unpleasant taste to coffee...

    Price $19.50
  • Anfim SCODY II
    Generating and maintaining minimal heat while under peak demand, SCODY II is an on-demand grinder producing consistent results The step-less grind adjustment, hands-free actuator switch and the user-friendly software with a...

    Price $2,399.00
  • Anti Vacum Valve
    Anti Vacum Valve

    Price $23.00
  • Aqua Pro Benchtop Filter System
    The Aqua Pro Benchtop Filter System (inc CFS117R Softening Filter 5 Mic)  sits neatly next to your sink and connect easily to the end of most kitchen faucets. The diverter valve at the faucet enables you to choose...

    Price $119.95
  • Ascaso Double Pressurised Basket
    Ascaso Pressurised Basket

    Price $15.65
  • Ascaso Dream / Duo Steel Arm Ring - Individual

    Price $1.95
  • Ascaso Dream Chimney Pipe
    Ascaso Dream Chimney Pipe

    Price $6.95
  • Ascaso Dream Coffee Thermostat 100°C
    Ascaso Dream Coffee Thermostat 100°C fits fits also the Ascaso Steel Duo Professional.

    Price $17.50
  • Ascaso Dream Filter Double Basket 57mm
    Ascaso Dream Filter Double Basket 57mm

    Price $12.50
  • Ascaso Dream Filter Single Basket 57mm
    Ascaso Dream Filter Single Basket 57mm

    Price $12.50
  • Ascaso Dream Ground Coffee Conversion Kit
    Have you purchased an Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine with pods adaptation and you wish to convert it, so you can use ground coffee with it? This is the conversion you need to turn your machine from pods to ground! The Ascaso...

    Price $46.30
  • Ascaso Dream Group Head Retention Valve Kit
    Ascaso Dream Group Head Retention Valve Kit includes: 1. Ascaso Dream Retention Valve (White) 2. Ascaso Dream Retention Valve (Spring)

    Price $6.95
  • Ascaso Dream Silicone Boiler Gasket
    Ascaso Dream Silicone Boiler Gasket

    Price $9.50
  • Ascaso Dream Steam Thermostat 140°C
    Ascaso Dream Steam Thermostat 140°C. Fits also the Ascaso Steel Duo Professional model.

    Price $21.95
  • Ascaso Duo / Isomac Venus Group Head Seal
    Ascaso Steel Duo Group Head Seal, also compatible with Isomac Venus & Brasilia Club Lady

    Price $8.80
  • Ascaso Duo Element Kit
    Ascaso Duo Element Kit includes: 1. Ascaso Duo Element 2. Ascaso Duo Element Gasket (bottom) 3. Ascaso Duo Element Gasket (top, requires 2 units)

    Price $71.80
  • Ascaso Duo Thermoblock Pump
        Ascaso Duo Thermoblock Pump

    Price $65.00
  • Ascaso i-Mini Hopper
    Shorter hopper and lid for Ascaso I-Mini espresso grinder. It comes with a clear lid and finger guard. Features: Diameter: 33mm Overall Height: 127mm Capacity:...

    Price $42.00
  • Ascaso I1 Grinder Chute
    This little chute fits both Ascaso I1 and I2 grinders.  

    Price $11.95
  • Ascaso M-I Bean Hopper
    This complete Ascaso espresso grinder coffee bean hopper & hopper lid fits Ascaso Espresso Grinders. Features: Diameter:  150mm  Overall Height:  190.5mm Capacity:...

    Price $32.50
  • Ascaso M-I Conic Blades
    The "conical blades" normally do perform well since they grind more consistently and the shape (like a cone head) dissipate the heat rather well. These Ascaso M-I Conic Blades fit Ascaso I2, I2-D and I-Mini model espresso...

    Price $73.50
  • Ascaso Steam Knob Kit
    Ascaso Steam Knob Kit ( 2 pieces )

    Price $16.95
  • Barista Pro Gear  Milk Jug
    The Barista Progear jug is a high quality food grade stainless steel milk jug. It features etched increments in ounces and millilitres on the internal side of the jug which helps decrease milk waste. The jug is great for...

    Price $12.90
  • Barista Pro Gear Corner Tamper Mat
    High quality durable tamping mat designed to assist you in executing that perfect level tamp. It features food grade silicone making it easy to clean and odorless, an overhang to protect your bench surface, a tamper...

    Price $24.90
  • Red Lava
    The Barista Supplies Teflon milk jugs are sleek in style and functional in use. This new generation of ‘Non Stick Coloured Milk Jugs’ combines good looks with durability and practically. Makes for effortless...

    Price $39.95
  • Bellman CX-25 Seal Kit
    Bellman CX-25 Seal Kit, including 5 silicon seals, is for Bellman CX-25 stovetop, CX-25P stovetop with pressure gauge and CX-25 Steamer. This kit includes: A seal for the Knob/Handle A seal for the lid (flat lid...

    Price $24.00
  • Bellman CX25 Steam Arm Assembly
    This is a replacement steam arm assembly/milk frother for Bellman CX25 and CX25P Stove Top Coffee Makers. This assembly is made of stainless steel- and is a perfect replacement for a whole range of Italian made coffee...

    Price $39.95
  • Bellman CX25P Stainless Steel Stovetop - With Gauge
    Bellman CX25P Stainless Steel Stovetop is a high quality 10/10 stainless steel stove top coffee maker with Pressure gauge and frothing wand. The Bellman's Retro styling derives from a long line of stovetop machines - once...

    Price $270.00
  • Bellman CX25S Stainless Steel Milk Steamer
    The Bellman CX25S can be used on gas and electric stove tops that is simple to froth milk for drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. The Bellman CX25S made out of heavy duty 18/10 INOX stainless steel and heat resistant...

    Price $160.00
  • Bellman Filter Basket
    The Bellman filter basket is a replacement part of Bellman CX25 and CX25P Stove Top Coffee Makers. This filter basket is made of steel- and is a perfect replacements for a whole range of Italian made coffee machines dating...

    Price $25.00
  • Bellman Pressure Gauge
    This handy good-quality replacement pressure gauge fits perfectly Bellman CX25P. Simply remove the old gauge and this one will screw straight in.

    Price $39.95
  • Bellman Stovetop Filter Basket Reducer
    Bellman Stovetop Filter Basket Reducer is for Bellman CX25 and CX25P. This reducer can be placed in the grinds basket and depending on which way up you place it, it reduces the size of the basket for 3, 6, 9 cups

    Price $13.95
  • Bellman Tamper
    This is a specialty tamper for Bellman CX-25 and CX-25P coffee makers. It is also suitable for for vintage Benjamin and Medwin,  Elebak, Vesubio, etc type stovetop coffee makers. These machines look very similar to the...

    Price $44.00
  • Digi Pure Bench Top Replacement Water Filter
    This is the replacement cartridge compatible for Digi Pure Bench Top Filtration System & Benchtop Filter System, inc CFS117R Softening Filter 5 Mic It suits most traditional water filter housings. The triple...

    Price $69.95
  • Benito Secret Blend
      A post blend. Our most popular blend and an all rounder. It mixes Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Ethiopia beans. Previously shown some nuts in the cup but the new blend highlights fresh berries and spices. It is...

    Price $22.00
  • Bezerra Handle Knob (New Style)
    Bezzera Handle Knob (New Style)

    Price $50.00
  • Bezzera BB003 Hopper
    This hopper fits Bezzera BB003 Espresso Grinder. Features: Diameter: 180mm Height: 200mm Capacity:...

    Price $61.00
  • Bezzera BB004 Doser Grinder
    The Bezzera BB004 grinder offers stepped grind settings together with an adjustable dosage setting, meaning you can vary the dose of coffee dispensed into the portafilter, a feature more common in the $800 mark grinders...

    Price $650.00
  • Bezzera BB004 Doser Grinder Ex-Demo
    Bezzera BB004 Doser Grinder Ex-Demo now for sale!  In store pick up only Now selling preloved Bezzera BB004 Doser Grinder. This beautiful little grinder has ground some amazing coffee for a numbers of years and is...

    Price $725.00 $507.00