Cafflano Kompact Red

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The Cafflano Kompact has been developed with an advanced 'bellows style' brewing system which uses a similar extraction process to a French press or Aeropress. The easy to use system has an ultra-fine etched stainless steel filter which means you don't need any paper filters.  Simply add ground coffee and water and within minutes you have a delicious brew. The collapsible design and carry case means it is compact enough to take with you anywhere. Also available in black.


How to use:

  • Remove the top cap and filter and set aside

  • Allow the Kompact to expand to full position

  • Add ground coffee to the canter chamber

  • Slowly add hot or cold water (adjust grinds if brewing with cold water)

  • Screw on the filter and the top cap

  • Allow to steep for 2-3 minutes (depending on desired flavour)

  • Remove lid and carefully turn onto your cup

  • Press down firmly to extract coffee