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Alternative Brewing Parts & Filters

  • Aero Press Paper Filter
    This replacement paper filter helps removing most of the coffee solids, resulting in a sediment-free brew in your cup. It contains 350units per pack.

    Price $8.50
  • Hario Replacement Filter for Woodneck 3cups/480ml
    Akira Replacement Filter for Woodneck 3cups/480ml. Note: 1. Rinsed the cloth rhoroughly before re-using. 2. Ideally keep the cloth in water when not in use, as the dry out cloth will develop an unpleasant taste to coffee...

    Price $19.50
  • Bellman CX-25 Seal Kit
    Bellman CX-25 Seal Kit, including 5 silicon seals, is for Bellman CX-25 stovetop, CX-25P stovetop with pressure gauge and CX-25 Steamer. This kit includes: A seal for the Knob/Handle A seal for the lid (flat lid...

    Price $24.00
  • Bellman CX25 Steam Arm Assembly
    This is a replacement steam arm assembly/milk frother for Bellman CX25 and CX25P Stove Top Coffee Makers. This assembly is made of stainless steel- and is a perfect replacement for a whole range of Italian made coffee...

    Price $39.95
  • Bellman Filter Basket
    The Bellman filter basket is a replacement part of Bellman CX25 and CX25P Stove Top Coffee Makers. This filter basket is made of steel- and is a perfect replacements for a whole range of Italian made coffee machines dating...

    Price $25.00
  • Bellman Pressure Gauge
    This handy good-quality replacement pressure gauge fits perfectly Bellman CX25P. Simply remove the old gauge and this one will screw straight in.

    Price $39.95
  • Bellman Stovetop Filter Basket Reducer
    Bellman Stovetop Filter Basket Reducer is for Bellman CX25 and CX25P. This reducer can be placed in the grinds basket and depending on which way up you place it, it reduces the size of the basket for 3, 6, 9 cups

    Price $13.95
  • Bialetti Moka Plate and Ring Kit
    Bialetti Moka Plate and Rings Kit includes plate and ring Available in the following sizes: 1. Bialetti Moka 3 cups plate and ring. (Gasket Outer Diameter is about 6.5cm) 2. Bialetti Moka 6 cups plate and ring. (Gasket...

    Price $9.50
  • Bialetti Mukka Plate and Ring Kit
    Bialetti Mukka Plate and Ring Kit 2 cups Please note that we only stock the Bialetti Seal Kits. We cannot guarantee that these seals will fit any other maker.  We do not accept returns or exchanges on any opened...

    Price $12.50
  • Bialetti Musa Plate and Ring Kit
    Bialetti Musa/ Venus Plate and Rings Kit including four options: 1. Stainless Steel 1-2cups plate and ring 2. Stainless Steel 3-4cups plate and ring (Gasket Outer Diameter is about 6.4cm ) 3. Stainless Steel 6cups plate...

    Price $9.50
  • Chemex Paper Filter - 100pk
    Chemex Pre-folded Square Filters - 100 pack   

    Price $18.70
  • Compatible V60 Natural Filter Paper 2 Cup 100pk
    Compatible natural filter papers for Hario V60 2 Cup size

    Price $12.50
  • Hario Paper Filter for Cold Dripper WDC-6
    Hario Paper Filter is designed to assist in the dispersion of water across the coffee bed, resulting in a full and even extraction. The Hario Paper Filters are single use only. Pre-wetting the filter thoroughly with cold...

    Price $3.50
  • Hario V60 Dripper Paper Filter
    The Hario V60 Dripper Paper Filter is sediment free disposable paper filters for the V60 brewing system.  Select from either a 40pk or 100pk of paper filters that are created to allow for a resonsive flow rate and the...

    Price $9.50
  • Kone Coffee Filter for Chemex
    This time it REALLY is new and improved! The Able Kone coffee filter is the 3rd generation with many upgraded features.  It is a reusable filter designed to be used with the Chemex brewing system, the Kone brewing...

    Price $73.00
  • La Sorrentina Aluminum Filter Basket
    This La Sorrentina Aluminum Filter Basket is compatible with 49mm Tamper. Single and Double sizes are available.

    Price $7.50
  • La Sorrentina Bakelite Jug Handle plus Nuts
    This is a black Bakelite jug handle for your Sorrentina and vintage Atomic coffee makers. Will fit on most standard jugs- may not fit direct to very old rare jug deigns (small jug, non frother models c. 1949, Stella,...

    Price $16.00
  • La Sorrentina Black Safety / Water Knob
    This item is very important for your machine: it contains the safety release valve, which is calibrated to the original specifications. You should periodically check/clean/service this part of your Atomic style machine to...

    Price $34.95
  • La Sorrentina Coffee Jug
    A polished alloy jug with a bakelite handle, for either your vintage Atomic coffee maker or the La Sorrentina reproduction. This is a reproduction of the original design. It is made from genuine heat resistant bakelite and...

    Price $45.00
  • La Sorrentina Filter Plate and Brass Screws
    This is a filter plate for the head of an Atomic type coffee machine. Also included are 4 brass screws- two long and two short (these screws will fit the majority of vintage Atomic type machines- however the thread and screw...

    Price $22.00
  • La Sorrentina Group Handle Assembly
    This group handle consists of Bakelite and polished alloy parts. It is suitable for the La Sorrentina coffee makers and fits the vast majority of vintage Atomic type coffee machines (may not fit some early Stella and Qalital...

    Price $39.00
  • La Sorrentina Red Bakelite Steam Knob
    This is a replica replacement red steam knob for your vintage atomic coffee maker or modern La Sorrentina machine. It will fit the majority of Atomic machines sold in the UK, USA, South America, Australia and elsewhere. May...

    Price $16.00
  • La Sorrentina Seals Kit: 3 pieces
    This is a set of 3 replacement Silicon seals suitable for modern La Sorrentina coffee makers and the vast majority of vintage Atomic type coffee machines. These seals are made from high quality food grade silicon and will...

    Price $29.95
  • La Sorrentina Stainless Steel High Quality Filter Basket
    We are very happy to be offering these Stainless Steel filter baskets. They will fit almost all vintage Atomic coffee machines and modern La Sorrentina machines. It available in single 7g and double 14g. This is a large 2...

    Price $10.50
  • La Sorrentina Steam Arm Assembly
    This is a La Sorrentina Steam Arm Assembly . The Steam Arm will fit on most vintage Atomic type coffee makers. It has some improvements over the traditional Atomic type steam arms: the frothing nozzle has four holes and can...

    Price $71.00 $45.00
  • Replacement Metal Spring Filter for coffee Syphon/ Vac Pot + Cloth
    This filter will fit many common coffee syphons. The spring could be stretched to fit the large capacity syphon. It comes with one filter cloth. It is handy to have a spare filter like this so you can make consecutive...

    Price $19.95
  • Syphon 10 Pack Cloth Filter
    Here is a set of 10 high-quality re-usable cloth filters for syphon coffee makers.  They will fit quite a few brands of syphon. The filters are the drawstring type, it goes over the metal filter and is tightened by a...

    Price $15.95
  • Toddy Paper Filter - Domestic 20pk
    Toddy Paper Filters - Domestic 20pk These filter bags have been designed to aid in the clean-up of your domestic Toddy brewing process.  The filters can be used in addition to use of the felt filter, helping to...

    Price $39.95