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  • Everything but Espresso by Scott Rao

    Everything but Espresso by Scott Rao

    This book is a guide to non-pressurized coffee brewing techniques. It offers essential information that can improve anyone's coffee-making knowledge and skill. This book is divided into four parts: 1. Chapters 1 through 5 introduce coffee extraction...

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  • The Coffee Roaster's Companion

      This is the latest in Scott Rao's series of books. It is meant to be a reference book for any roaster, whether a beginner or a professional. It focuses on light-to-medium roasting of specialty coffee processed in a batch drum roaster in 8-16...

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  • The Espresso Quest By Instaurator

    The Espresso Quest By Instaurator

    From Instaurator's forward to his book: "This book is a description of a coffee philosophy, a muse with a few practical hints and a few personal stories that could act as a guide to is a bit like a surgeon through, sets out to use his scalpel...

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