Is this the Right Time to Upgrade?

Posted by Ofra Ronen on 1st Dec 2019

Your friends call you: 'The Coffee Freak'. You have always been particular with how you like your daily caffeine fix and with years of collecting coffee gear and expanding over the microwave bench space, your partner has also recently joined the choir...but you know deep inside that you are capable of greatness in coffee and it isn't all just about the drinking needed to take control over the actual making of it and stop the morning self denial ritual that the lukewarm, under extracted capsule cuppa does to you what your favorite Barista Piccolo does..

And now, when your Silvia is at its 6th group head seal replacement, the Sunbeam's leaking isn't going away and when your mates just elevated your friend's new high end coffee machine to stardom, you know there is no way out. It's just the self doubting you asking: Is it really the time to upgrade?

YES IT IS! Don't hold back any longer! You live once, you know you need it, and our EOFY Deal saves you few hundred dollars on a shiny, better and well deserved new equipment Combo! Indulge! you will never look back, opening unlimited horizons of coffee experimentation and possibly daily God Shots..  

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