Bezzera Double S/S Coffee Drawer V.3

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The Bezzera Double Drawer keep your espresso station clean and organized. Made of quality, thick stainless steel and feature durable rubber rod to knock out the coffee residue.

This double draw base includes one draw with the rubber rod, and another for accessories. Draws can easily be pulled out for cleaning. Suitable for Bezzera: BZ99, BZ07, BZ07 DE, as well for any other espresso machine not wider than 30cm, or heavier than 20kg.

Dimensions: 480mm (W) X 395mm (D) x 75mm (H)

Weight: 7.5kg

Please note: we sell the newest version of the Bezzera Draws, that feature slightly thinner metal to the previous version. Old and new version also vary in width and height. If you're interested in the older version, please contact us for availability.