Barista Accessories

  • Measuring Shot Glass 30ml / 60ml

    Di Bartoli Coffee

    Di Bartoli Measuring Shot Glass 30ml / 60ml

      Now on Sale! Read T & C here   If you're looking for an extraction of 30ml in 30seconds, or maybe 60ml in 25seconds, then this shot glass is the perfect accessory. Combined with a stopwatch, this elegant barista toy will help you...

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  • Silicone Heat Transfer Compound

    Silicone Heat Transfer Compound

        The Silicone Heat Transfer Compound improves heat transfer from the heating device to the heat sink, increasing overall efficiency. It is used normally as a connector between thermostats and the mahcine's boiler surface. The package...

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  • Friis Coffee Saver Valve Set


    Friis Coffee Saver Valve Set

        The patented Freshness Valve is the key to eliminating trapped CO gas. The integrity of the one way valve deteriorates with time, to ensure optimal performance you should replace every 2 months. The valve is constructed with a unique...

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  • Rhino Cocoa Shaker


    Rhino Cocoa Shaker

        The Rhino Cocoa Shaker comes in either black or stainless steel, with a fine mesh lid (humid areas may prefer to use the coarse lid). This cocoa shaker is ideal for any commercial or home machine, providing a hard wearing single mould...

  • Barista Pro Gear  Milk Jug 400mL

    Barista Pro Gear

    Barista Pro Gear Milk Jug 400mL

      The Barista Progear jug is a high quality food grade stainless steel milk jug. It features etched increments in ounces and millilitres on the internal side of the jug which helps decrease milk waste. The jug is great for texturing milk, latte art...

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  • Barista Pro Gear Digital Timer

    Joe Frex

    Barista Pro Gear Digital Timer

     The Barista Pro Gear Digital Timer helps you to measure precise brewing times for espresso, coffee or tea. It features a start-stop switch, count-down and count-up functions and a large LCD display. The timer can also be easily...

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  • Milk Steamer Solution 250ml

    Milk Steamer Solution 250ml

    Clean Machine Steamer Solution is specially formulated to remove milk scale and caked-on deposits from your steamer arm and nozzle. It helps prevent boiler contamination and keeps your steam arm in perfect condition. This milk solution does a...

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  • Duralex Picardie Glasses


    Duralex Picardie Glasses

        Founded in 1939, Duralex has been manufacturing tempered glassware, and are the inventors of the glass tempering process. These durable tumblers are equally suitable for cold or hot drinks, they are conveniently stackable and of course...

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  • Barista Pro Gear Flat Tamper Mat

    Barista Pro Gear

    Barista Pro Gear Flat Tamper Mat

      The Flat Tamping Mat is made of 3mm thick food grade silicone which prevents the portafilter from slipping whilst protecting the bench and portafilter from damage. The food grade silicone is raised to 5mm around the rim to avoid spillage and to...

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  • Rhino Short Thermometer


    Rhino Short Thermometer

        The Rhino Short Thermometer has a simple to read dial that allows you to have an accurate measure of milk and other beverages.  The stainless steel clip allows the Rhino Short Thermometer to easily sit on the milk pitcher and with a...

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  • Basal Pequeno Digital Scale


    Basal Pequeno Digital Scale

      The Pequeño Digital Scale is an extremely convenient way to increase the quality of your coffee. Weight your beans for each cup and accurately measure the water you add as you brew your coffee to ensure the exact yield you want. This will...

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  • Rhino Bench Tamper Mat


    Rhino Bench Tamper Mat

      The Rhino Bench Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grad silicone rubber.  It protects your bench and portafilter with the industrial quality work surface. Featuring a space for your tamper to rest for a more organised bench space...

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