Aero Press and Porlex Mini Grinder Bundle

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 Bundle includes:  

The AeroPressTM Coffee Maker is the simplest, fastest way to make a consistently good cup of coffee...anywhere! All you need is hot water, so you can make and enjoy a coffee just about anywhere - home, the office, the building site, the camping ground and the caravan.

The Porlex mini 130mm is the ideal grinder to start off your journey into quality coffee. The key quality in a good grinder is consistency of particle size - especially for finer grinds like espresso. The Porlex does a fine job at achieving this at a minimum cost. The Porlex is an alternative to the ever so popular and reliable Kyocera Hand Grinders.

As with all coffee makers- the best results are obtained when using the freshest quality coffee.

Includes 250g Di Bartoli Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans. Click here if you want to choose your beans and mention to us in the order comments.