ACM Alfi

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Alfi is a lady you want in your life.

She's easy to operate, affordable, and can create a delicious cup of coffee whenever and wherever you need one. 

Taking up a small amount of room on your bench, Alfi works best when paired up with a quality coffee grinder. Together the pair will make sure you have what it takes to kick start your day, share an espresso at home with friends, or simply unwind on your own with a freshly brewed cup.

Covering all bases, Alfi will work with you to pour a tasty espresso and texture desired silky milk. With an unassuming presence, Alfi is a surprise packet that can deliver high performance and above all a delicious result.
When you’ve found the espresso machine that can deliver everything you need, it’s easy to see why you want to stay at home with her celebrating your Valentine... 

The ACM Alfi is the perfect machine for those wishing to enter the world of home espresso.

Bridging the gap to create better espresso at home, the ACM Alfi boasts one of the smallest footprints on the market for a heat exchange machine.

Whilst retaining all of the necessary features and attributes to create your favourite cup of coffee, the little Alfi is an affordable option with a proven system that will produce a delicious espresso and a sound dry steam for milk texturing.

Practical features such as high legs and compact design make the Alfi compatible to a variety of home baristas and their latest setup.

Flavour is the most desired element from an espresso machine and when paired with a comparable coffee grinder, the Alfi can deliver just that!

Key Features:
• A compact heat exchange espresso machine boasting one of the smallest footprints on the market
• Side panels available in either white or black
• Practical high legs to assist with an easy cleaning process
• Comes with 1 x double portafilter, 1 x single portafilter

Model: ALFI
Origin: Milan, Italy
Boiler: 1.5L Boiler
Material: Stainless Steel
Element: 1100W element
Weight: 18kg
Water Tank/Reservoir: 2.9L
Dimensions on bench (H x D x W): 41cm x 38cm x 24cm
Safety Features: Electronic water level control for water reservoir tank and HX Boiler. Heating element thermal cut out switch
Colours: Black Panels/Stainless Facia and White Panels/Stainless Facia


4 Reasons Why Alfi is The One for You:


Did you know that the more commercially designed the group head is the more 'body' and flavours you'd get in the cup? With the Alfi's heavy duty group head, Stainless Steel casing and industrial internals, it was built to last


The Alfi has a small footprint that makes it easy to move her around and fit in narrow places. On a boat, in the boot while on a road trip or on the kitchen bench at the holiday house. She'll fit anywhere and produce great coffee. Why limit WHERE we have it?


Your first step in getting Cafe quality coffee at home is a quality machine that easily makes more than 2 Lattes in a go without you needing to play the Barista throughout the evening. And it's under $1,500, saving you $400!


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