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The Di Bartoli promise: your satisfaction is our passion

We are a small team of coffee gurus determined to take espresso excellence out of the exclusive grasp of professional baristas and share it with home users. We know that excellent coffee is within reach of every coffee lover: all you need is a bit of guidance, the right equipment, freshly roasted beans and a passion for coffee! Patience and determination come in handy, too!

We're committed to getting coffee enthusiasts onto the path to coffee excellence and through our friendly and professional advice, we'll provide the tools and knowledge required to produce café-quality coffee in your own kitchen! With some practice, you should even exceed café standards.

Our promise to you:

YOU receive the most impartial, professional and detailed information to help you choose the right equipment for you. We tailor the options to your needs and abilities, show you what the equipment can do and help you narrow down the choices. And the advice is all FREE!

YOU buy the best quality, most reliable equipment available on the Australian market, all meeting our tough criteria, all modified to Australian standards and all tested and modified (if necessary) before it leaves our store! The equipment is competitively priced and the support is all FREE!

YOU are offered special training, provided by the best barista trainers in the industry, on your chosen equipment, absolutely FREE if you have bought it from us! Any ongoing refresher training you may need is also absolutely FREE!

YOU will keep your machine in top condition and performing perfectly by following our maintenance advice and by accessing our technical support team for tips on cleaning and caring for your equipment. This ongoing support is totally FREE!

YOU gain access, as a customer, to all our coffee-making support resources: the latest gadgets, exciting new specialty green or roasted origins, insights into the latest coffee trends, and any educational events organized by Di Bartoli!

YOU get the most freshly roasted beans, time after time! We roast every Wednesday, and if you order before 4pm, you could be enjoying your fresh beans the very next day!

YOU enjoy the best technical support in-store or over the phone to get you out of trouble, quickly and without fuss! Our warranty breakdown repairs are completed within 72 hours, and all other repairs are quick, thorough, and at very reasonable charges!

YOU are part of a coffee community committed to excellence in coffee making and appreciation, where you can share experiences. And for those who use social media, we embrace many platforms to ensure there's one that works for you!