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The Little Guy Accessories

  • The Little Guy (Otto) Induction Stove
    Sorry this Item is Discontinued  The OTTO (The Little Guy) induction top uses unique sensor system that engages the coil with stainless steel in a way that other induction tops won't. There are five additional...

  • The Little Guy (Otto) Naked Handle
    The Otto (The Little Guy) Naked Handle has just arrived! This is an effective troubleshooting tool in the home Barista's quest towards perfecting the Otto (The Little Guy) extraction. It allows the user to diagnose...

    Price $119.90
  • The Little Guy (Otto) Premium Tamper
    The Otto (The Little Guy) Premium Tamper is the latest edition to the exclusive Otto (The Little Guy) accessories range. Professionally made, it features a high grade stainless steel flat base at a perfect 51mm fit...

    Price $99.00 Choose Options
  • The Little Guy (Otto) Tamper Mat
    The OTTO (The Little Guy)  Tamper Mat is a beautiful accessory to compliment the OTTO (The Little Guy) coffee making. It comes in a beautiful gift box. It is a corner mat, thick and branded, and fits perfectly...

    Price $27.00