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Other Brewing Equipment

  • Kone Coffee Filter for Chemex
    This time it REALLY is new and improved! The Able Kone coffee filter is the 3rd generation with many upgraded features.  It is a reusable filter designed to be used with the Chemex brewing system, the Kone brewing...

    Price $73.00
  • The Cold Bruer
    We also have the Grey and Red Bruer! But please allow a few days for them to arrive in store if you purchase them, as we will be specially orderig them for you. Thank you In the lead up to the Warmer Months, Di Bartoli...

    Price $139.00
  • Tiamo V60 Range Server 360ml
    The Tiamo V60 Range Server is shaped like a beehive from the highest quality heat-resistant glass. This stylish server is made by Tiamo and is perfect for serving hot coffee. Its versatility makes it a delight to have in the...

    Price $35.95