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Home Barista Training

Training is often overlooked when it comes to coffee-making, but it should really come first! If you aim to make the best espresso you can at home, quality equipment and freshly roasted beans are not enough. You have to learn what to do with it.

Di Bartoli is the first and only Home Barista School in Australia created especially for those who have developed a passion for good coffee and the art of making espresso at home. We have tailored a unique program that assists home connoisseurs to develop their passion, their palate and their skills.

Whether you're just about to buy a new machine and want to gain some hands-on experience before choosing or if you want to get the most from your just-purchased equipment, we have a course tailored to your needs! Read here more about our different training options. 

  • Advanced Home Barista Workshop
    This course is for home baristas who have mastered the basics of their machine, and is focused on refining techniques through a combination of group tuition, discussion, and one on one help. You can either bring your own...

    Price $150.00
  • Basic Home Barista Workshop with Ofra Ronen and Renzo Castillo
       Next Workshop Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2016 3:30pm-6:30pm The best trainers in the Home Barista industry teaching you all about coffee! Now $30 discounted, pay only $119 instead of $149! Apply this...

    Price $149.00
  • Coffee Appreciation for Newbies
    You keep on hearing words like: extraction, brew pressure, distribution, tamping, and your head is full of all those barista buzz words that don't seem to sink in. And you are thinking, do I really need to know how to...

    Price $85.00
  • Latte Art Workshop with Habib Maarbani
      You have been making coffee for a while now and have mastered your espresso flavours and perfected your Latte milk texture. What's now? It's time for some funky hearts or rosettas in your cup! And what a better...

    Price $150.00
  • One on One Home Barista Training
    More and more Australians are developing a passion for good coffee and the art of making espresso in their homes. To produce café-quality espresso at home, you need to know something about your machine, grinding,...

    Price $75.00 Choose Options