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Espresso Grinders

pdf.png   As with choosing an espresso machine, choosing the right espresso grinder will come down to your individual preferences. At Di Bartoli we ensure that every grinder we sell grinds fine enough and consistent enough for espresso. However, there are variations in build quality, type and size of grinding burrs, power of motor, speed, noise level, etc. Download the below PDF to learn more...

 How to choose the right grinder for you

  • Baratza Sette 270W
    Back in Stock         The Baratza Sette 270w grinder is built with the latest advancements in coffee grinder technology. Unlike other contemporary grinders, the Sette 270w features a rotating outer...

    Price $616.00
  • ECM Manufacture S-Automatic 64
      This impressive grinder ticks a lot of boxes for the home barista. It is elegant, simple yet sophisticated at the same time. Like the Profitec T64 it also has 64mm burrs,...

    Price $1,347.00
  • Macap M2M (Stepped) Grinder
    The Macap M2M espresso grinder is new in Australia. It's the younger brother of the famous Macap M4 and is price to fly. It features 50mm commercial grade steel burrs, high powered motor, easy adjustment of the grinding...

    Price $590.00 $560.00