The New Rocket Espresso 2017 Machines Range

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The New Rocket Espresso 2017 Range is almost here! 

Rocket Espresso has recently launched their 2017 range and Di Bartoli is thrilled to showcase these upgraded and new machines models. This is what's coming:

The New Rocket Mozzafiato Models:

The Cellini model, previously unavailable in Australia is replaced by the straight panel'd Mozzafiato which is a lookalike of the commercial Rocket Espresso Boxer design. 

The Mozzafiato has the exact same internals as the Rocket Giotto V3 model with variation being mainly aesthetic. Apart from the straight panels, you will find:

  • Re-designed height adjustable feet
  • Stainless steel cup warmer surround
  • Standard steam and hot water knobs were replaced in favour of the stylish 'Faema' Rocket branded taps

The Mozzafiato comes in models: the Mozzafiato V with a vibrating pump and tank operation and the Mozzafiato R model with a rotary pump and an option to plumb it to main. The V has white gauges and the R has black gauges. 

Expecting the first boxes to land in store beginning of May 2017.  

Upgrade of the Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V3 PID to the Giotto Type V

The Giotto V3 is replaced by the new Giotto Type V. Changes include:

  • Re-designed height adjustable feet
  • Stainless steel cup warmer surround
  • Standard steam and hot water knobs were replaced in favour of the 'Fahema' style Rocket branded taps
  • Expected arrival to  store June 2017

    Upgrade of the Rocket Evoluzione V.2 to the Evoluzione R

    The Rocket Evoluzione V2 has now been replaced with the Rocket Evoluzione R. Major changes are: 

  • PID temperature control.
  • Re-designed height adjustable feet
  • Stainless steel cup warmer surround
  • Standard steam and hot water knobs were replaced in favour of the 'Fahema' style Rocket branded taps
  • Expected arrival to store June 2017

    Upgrade of the Rocket R58/R60 models

    Both the R58 and the R60V models has been modified with the height adjustable stainless steel feet

    The recently launched Appartamento model has no changes to it

    For a quick summary of all the differences with the Rocket Domestic range, please click here. You can also find more info in the: 2017 Rocket Espresso Brochure

    Di Bartoli has currently on sale the Giotto V3 PID and the Evoluzione V2, clearing out our bench for the new models. Don't miss on the opportunity to get your own Rocket machine with this massive saving!

    What an exciting year! Stay tuned for all models' First Look Reviews on our Facebook page....

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