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Bundles and Gift Packs

  • Aero Press and Porlex Mini Grinder Bundle
     Bundle includes:   AeroPress Coffee Maker Stainless  Steel Mini Porlex Grinder Di Bartoli Fresh Beans 250g  The AeroPressTM Coffee Maker is the simplest, fastest way to make a consistently...

    Price $124.00
  • Bellman CX25 with Mini Porlex Grinder and Beans Bundle
    The Best Solution for Quality Coffee While Camping! Bundle includes:  Bellman CX25 Coffee Maker Stainless  Steel Mini Porlex Grinder Di Bartoli Fresh Beans 250g Get 250g Di Bartoli Beans Free! Bellman...

    Price $349.00 $255.00
  • Pure Indulgence - Di Bartoli Beans Hamper
    Indulge in Freshly Roasted Beans, Smell the Fragrant Aroma and Experience a Coffee Memory like no other.. With the Di Bartoli Pure Indulgence Hamper, our Roaster has carefully selected 8 x 80g bags of selected coffees: 4 of...

    Price $59.00
  • The Cold Bruer and Hario Mini Mill Slim Grinder Bundle
    Bundle includes: The Cold Bruer The Hario Mini Slim Grinder Di Bartoli 250g Fresh Beans  In the lead up to the Warmer Months, Di Bartoli Presents The Cold Bruer The Cold Bruer utilises a clean and...

    Price $198.50
  • Otto (The Little Guy) Coffee Machine Set
    OUT OF STOCK  The Little Guy (OTTO) is a quality and stylish Stainless Steel Stove Top Espresso Maker for domestic uses, integrating classic Italian style with excetional functionality. preceisely engineered and...

    Price $689.00
  • V60 Drip Bundle
    Bundle includes: Hario V.60 Drip Clear Stand Hario V.60 Red Dripper Hario Server 600ml Di Bartoli 250g Fresh Beans This bundle is all you need to make V.60 coffee with style at home. The V.60 filter is placed...

    Price $144.50