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Training is often overlooked when it comes to coffee-making, but it should really come first! If you aim to make the best espresso you can at home, quality equipment and freshly roasted beans are not enough. You have to learn what to do with it.

Di Bartoli is the first and only Home Barista School in Australia created especially for those who have developed a passion for good coffee and the art of making espresso at home. We have tailored a unique program that assists home connoisseurs to develop their passion, their palate and their skills.

Whether you're just about to buy a new machine and want to gain some hands-on experience before choosing or if you want to get the most from your just-purchased equipment, we have a course tailored to your needs!

Our workshops are conducted by the best trainers in the industry – all accredited barista trainers, some of them winners of prestigious industry awards.

One on One Home Barista Training

More and more Australians are developing a passion for good coffee and the art of making espresso in their homes. To produce café-quality espresso at home, you need to know something about your machine, grinding, brewing techniques and milk texturing.

This format is ideal for:

  • Those who have received a machine as a gift and are not quite sure how to operate it;
  • People who have bought a machine without training and wish to get the best results out of it;
  • Anyone in the market for a new machine, but not sure which one is right for them;
  • People who love coffee and want to understand what separates an excellent coffee from a good one.

Basic Home Barista Workshop

Advanced Home Barista Workshop

Latte Art Workshop


Customized Group Training

Group training / Corporate Team Building

We tailor private training sessions specifically to your preferences, availability and budget:

  • If you are a group of coffee lovers who want to learn coffee making together;
  • If you're a corporate firm needing up to 15 staff trained per session
  • If you're a group of novice baristas wishing to advance your coffee-making skills

Certificates are available. All notes, beans, equipment and tools and supplied.

Contact us for a customized quote, advising your availability and previous experience in coffee making, etc.

This format is currently available outside our normal trading hours. Starting from July 2012, we will run these sessions any time between Mon – Fri: 9:30am-4:00pm; Thu 9:30am-7:00pm.

But wait, there's more …

Each participant in our workshops (except one-on-one) automatically receives:

  • 10% discount on your fee if you bring a friend;
  • 5% discount on all machines & grinders purchased for up to 7 days after the workshop;
  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Event bag with workshop notes and fresh beans sample.